The best gifts for plant lovers

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Everyone has a plant lover on their list, and this is the list that every plant lover would love to open this holiday season. Whether they are a novice plant owner, or they have a full-fledged jungle, these are the best gifts for plant lovers and are sure to please.

The best gifts for plant lovers

We started our greenery obsession almost a decade and a half ago, and we’re now up to over 200 plants in our home. In the past two decades of plant care, we’ve learned a lot about what works, and what really doesn’t. These are the plant items we cannot go without:

1) A plant repotting mat

If you’re new to plants, you might wonder how often you actually need to repot your plants. And, you’d be shocked to know that with many houseplants, it’s more often than you’d think. In fact, pretty much every plant you buy during growing season needs to be repotted in a week or two after purchase. Shocked? Yeah, I was, too.

So, I got a folding plant repotting mat to make things less messy and a whole lot easier. This mat folds into a package the size of a book, but when you unfold it and then snap the corners together, you get a large waterproof mat that you can use to contain the mess. Bonus, is that you can save all your precious potting soil that you spill, just pour any dirt that falls back into the plant.

2. Moss pole kit

Climbing plants want something to attach to, like they would in the wild. That’s why you need a moss pole. I love these moss poles for climbing plants that insert into each other and can “grow” as your plant grows. That way, you don’t have a huge pole and a small plant, but then you can add more poles as the plant gets big, without having to replace the pole fully.

3. IvyMay organic potting mix

Most people have no idea what a good potting mix is. Well, this is what it is. IvyMay Dunes Organic Blend and the IvyMay Redwood Organic Blend is crafted specifically to support the growth of aroids and houseplants, including but not limited to, monstera, pothos, snake plants, fiddle leaf fig, peace lily, Chinese money plant, money tree, ferns, calatheas, anthuriums, palms and succulents. Redwood and Douglas Fir bark, blended with perlite and nutrient rich worm castings. 5 QT, 2 LB bag.

IvyMay Dunes Organic Blend is crafted specifically to support the growth of cacti and succulents, found to be perfect for Wheatgrass, Cat Grass. Redwood and Douglas Fir bark, blended with perlite, pumice, white sage, peppermint and nutrient rich worm castings. 5 QT, 2 LB bag.

4. 3-in-1 Plant Meter

In theory, everyone knows what plants need, right? Good soil, regular waterings, and sun. Easy, right? Except, sometimes it’s not so easy. It’s way harder than you think to guesstimate water and sun. Every plant owner knows how easy it is to overwater, underwater, and how ridiculously easy it is to miscalculate amounts of sun. This 3-in-1 plant meter helps you evaluate the moisture in the soil, the pH, and the light that’s hitting the plant.

5. Moon phase trellis

Even if you don’t have a vining or climbing plant, a trellis is a great tool for all sorts of plants to add just a little support. This Moon phase trellis is the perfect solution for plants that need help staying upright, but don’t need a full pole. Oh, and it’s adorable.

6. Propagation station

Once you have a thriving garden, the real fun happens. You’re going to have plants growing like crazy, and it’s easier than you think to turn those into even more plants to love {or gift!}. For this, you will likely need a propagation station. Of course, any jar would work, but this station looks like art, and it also makes it so your cuttings stay upright in the vase but the roots have ample room to grow.

7. Copper watering can

Sure, you can use any old plastic watering can. Or, you could have a gorgeous copper watering can makes you feel excited every time you use it. Seriously, isn’t this a beauty? Any plant lover would adore this copper watering can, that is as gorgeous as it is practical.

8. Garden snips

Since there’s going to be propagation happening, garden snips will be your best friend. These stainless blades cut stems easily, and are easy to clean in between snips. Use them for making cuttings, for deadheading, and for regular plant trims to maintain your plant’s shape.

9. Alcohol wipes for pruners

And, to clean your pruners in between plants? You will need these easy to use, go-anywhere alcohol wipes to clean your pruners in just a swipe. Of course, you could just wash them, but when you need a quick fix, this is it. It’s not a glamorous gift, but it is super practical. I use these for cleaning all sorts of things, including wiping down tech items and more.

10. Perlite for plant drainage

Whether you are creating plant starts or you are adding to your potting soil mix, it’s good to have perlite on hand. Improve drainage and aeration of your plants by mixing your own perlite into your favorite soil, or you can even plant directly into perlite if you choose to do so.

11. Macrame hangers

Has your plant lover maxed out all their available windowsills? Then, it’s time to look up. Plants thrive right in the center of the window, and these macrame plant hangers will get them right where they need to be. And, of course, they look great doing it.

12. Net baskets for orchids and drought-tolerant plants

If you have a plant that consistently stays too wet, consider a net basket inside a decorative pot. The net basket will provide better airflow around the roots, which is the cause of overwatering {contrary to what you might think, it’s not actually the overwatering that kills the plant, it’s the lack of air to the roots}. Using net pots help keep ample air to the roots, and helps the soil dry between feedings, and this 40 pack 4in pots are cheap enough to keep on hand.

13. Plant fertilizer

We’ve gone over soil, sun, and water, so now it’s time to get those plants some food. This Osmocote smart-release plant food helps keep your plants fed for weeks at a time. Just shake them into the dirt during the growing season and watch your plants thrive.

14. Grow Lights

The sun alone might be great in window-covered rooms, but if you’re like most of us, you have at least a few places that don’t get enough natural light for a plant we adore. That’s where grow lights come in. I love these little trio of halo lights that don’t detract from your decor, but still provide extra light when needed.

15. Rooting Hormone

For all those propagating plants, you’re going to want some hormone rooting powder. Use before putting cuttings in water, and then use again when transplanting to soil. This rooting hormone will help those roots grow and then thrive when planted.

16. Gardening gloves

You can never have too many gardening gloves. These coated waterproof garden gloves are perfect for indoor plants and light duty landscape duty. They may not look like much, but they definitely serve a purpose. And, they come in a multi-pack, so you can leave a pair by all your favorite plant areas.

17. Plant stand with grow lights

If you need grow lights, and you have plants, why not a plant stand WITH grow lights? We figured this out last year and I ended up integrating grow lights into all my plants stands since PNW weather often means we need supplemental winter light. When it’s integrated into the stand, it’s hardly noticeable at all, and it means you can prolong the growing season substantially.

I love this one because it’s big, but not too big, and the lights are bright, but not too bright. Aesthetically, I love the wood paired with the industrial-looking uprights that would look great in a living room or bedroom.

18. Hanging moon planter

I love this adorable and practical copper hanging moon planter. It’s ideal for succulents as well as trailing plants that will vine down from the planter, adding depth and length to the display. The copper is treated so it will not oxidize and can handle soil and waterings as well as just looking beautiful.

I have my air plants in one over my kitchen sink and it’s a great conversation piece. I put down Spanish moss in the bottom and then I have 4 large air plants resting on top so you can see the whole plant. I’ve tried quite a few air plant hangers in my years, but this is far my favorite.

19. Mini glass greenhouse

For those plants that need a little more love, here’s an awesome mini greenhouse. Whether they need more humidity or heat, or if they are quarantined after being purchased, there’s so many uses for an indoor greenhouse. I love this gold greenhouse because it’s beautiful with or without plants.

20. Hanging planter trio

If macrame isn’t your thing, you will love this hanging planter is the perfect solution for above the kitchen sink or over a window. It’s modern and minimalist, but still holds three separate plants. Also, it moves plants up and out of the way, while still getting them in front of windows.

I hope you enjoyed our list of the best gifts for plant lovers. Some practical, some whimsical, there’s a little something for every plant enthusiast.

The best gifts for plant lovers

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