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In the past decade, we’ve become the experts on all things related to crystals. My daughter had a love of crystals and gems ever since she could communicate likes and dislikes, and she has fostered that love in all of us. So, we’ve researched and sought out everything from crystal shops to rock shows and traveled everywhere from holistic shops to big box retailers that dabble in crystals. Conscious Items is our new favorite find, not just for their amazing products, but also for the ways they give back.

Conscious Items has so many of the items we’ve been hunting for years, and at prices that are so much better than we find in stores near us, big or small. Shopping Conscious Items for me was like a kid in a toy store. I loaded up a virtual cart in no time, and then the adult side of me spent about an hour and a half trying to talk myself into paring down my favorite items. These are the items I couldn’t talk myself out of.

Healing Lamp

The first category I fell in love with at Conscious Items are the wooden lamps they sell for a variety of uses. The Conscious Items wooden lamp bases are perfect for recharging crystals of any kind, and they can also display other crystals that you’re working with. I knew I was looking for a lamp of some sort, but didn’t really have a clear idea of what I was searching for until I found the Healing Lamp.

The Healing Lamp may look simple, but its simplicity is what sold me. The “lamp” is not like traditional lamps with shades and light bulbs, instead it’s like a small wooden display stand with led lights in the center that you can place a crystal upon to illuminate it from below. It plugs in via USB plug, and illuminates whenever plugged in. The Healing Lamp comes with a gorgeous clear quartz that looks even more beautiful when lit from the base below.

But, what I really love about the Healing Lamp is that it’s absolutely versatile. We have so many gorgeous crystals that we love to spotlight periodically, and I wanted a special place to set out our stones that we’re focusing on at any given time. The Healing Lamp is perfect because you can put extra crystals and rocks around the rim of the lamp, or you can take the clear quartz off and put your favorite crystal in the center to recharge it.

Just leave the crystals on the base for 24 hours to recharge, and the bonus is that they look amazing the entire time they charge. In addition to its simplicity and versatility, I love that you can write an intention on a piece od paper and place it right under the lamp. Clear quartz is said to magnify the power of intentions, and that makes it the perfect place to share a focus in your life.

About clear quartz: Conscious Items says that clear quartz is also known as the “master healer” and is ideal for preventing illness or speeding recovery, physically or emotionally. Clear quartz is said to stimulate the immune system is hailed for its cleansing properties. They say that negative energy can’t escape the black hole that is clear quartz, and that includes electromagnetic radiation. Placing the lamp on your work desk will neutralize your electronic devices’ harmful effects and ensure your room is positively charged. As if that wasn’t enough, Conscious Items claims that clear quartz helps you drift off peacefully without overthinking, and encourages you to learn from the lessons of the dreamstate.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.

You can purchase the Healing Lamp from Conscious Items.

Divination Grid Set

My daughter has wanted a crystal grid forever, and we just hadn’t found the right one. Until now, that is. The Divination Grid Set is the perfect place for her to learn about the Chakras and activate each of them in a crystal grid. They say that it’s a way to connect to your intuition and greater insight, and help with intention setting.

Using it is simple, you can simply follow the included guide to lay out the stones exactly as prescribed. Write down your intentions and place it underneath a clear quartz in the center of a crystal grid pattern. Place the remaining crystals around the grid in a way that feels intuitive to you.  

Root: Use Red Jasper to spark creativity and passion
Sacral: Enjoy Tiger’s Eye for motivation & success
Solar Plexus: Turn to Green Aventurine for calmness, luck and to find purpose
Heart: Rose Quartz is nature’s nurturer, use it for love & healing
Throat: Grab Sodalite for communication, logic and to see the truth
Crown: For the Divine, use Amethyst to deepen your knowledge & peace

Purchase the Divination Grid Set at Conscious Items.

The Small Victory Necklace

This past year was rough. No, it was beyond rough. There was a lot of sickness, there was way too much death, and sometimes the grief of the past year is just too much. Those days, it can feel like each and every day is a battle to win over the negative energy. The Small Victory Necklace protects against such energy and helps you divide your day into smaller, more achievable goals.

Made of tourmaline and garnet, the Small Victory Necklace is as gorgeous as it is meaningful. It is made from natural stones, which makes it completely and wholly unique. You will never find another one like it, ever.

Tourmaline, is said to be the dark knight of the crystal world, and a guardian against negativity. While keeping the negative vibrations at bay, it tops up your self-confidence. Tourmaline lifts you from a potential slump and puts things back into crystal clear perspective.

Garnet burns with a fiery energy that emits passion from its very pores. It ensures you stay on task, being productive without sacrificing quality. It’s a hand in the darkness, a guide through the warzone. Put down the white flag, Garnet’s energy will propel you forward.

The Small Victory Necklace is available from Conscious Items.

Rose Quartz Care Lamp

Us moms hear “selfcare” a lot these days, but sometimes selfcare is next to impossible. Maybe it’s a demanding job, maybe it’s all the many obligations with school and extra curriculars, or maybe it’s just hard for you to find a moment alone. I get all of that, and that’s why I’m terrible at selfcare, too. Sometimes I go weeks without actually thinking of what I need at the moment.

But, looking after yourself is the most important thing you can do. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. Rose Quartz is here to offer a hand of support, no matter how many years it’s been since your last checkup, manicure, haircut or spa day.

The Rose Quartz Care Lamp is similar to the Healing Lamp I was raving about, with its simple base and USB led light, but the rose quartz lamp is spherical. Adorned with pretty pink stones in a variety of shades, it looks beautiful either lit or without a lighted base.

Rose Quartz is said to ease tension and promotes relaxation, encouraging you to let go of worries. It invites you to accept yourself for who you are and treat yourself how you wish others would treat you. Its soothing properties can make a smile creep onto your face, even in the most difficult of situations. By harmonizing the energy within, this beautiful lamp inspires you to be true to yourself. It helps you align your thoughts, emotions and actions so that you can live life with control.

You can purchase the Rose quartz care lamp at Conscious Items.

About Conscious Items

It’s a source of pride at Conscious Items that they only sell the finest crystals, gems, and natural stones: from apatite to quartz, there’s a stone for everyone. Each product has been hand-picked for a variety of uses—to improve focus, to invite abundance into your life, to deconstruct energy blockages —whatever you seek during your moments of prosperity. Whether you’re feeling imbalanced, need help repelling negativity, or just need a cleanse, returning to the protective properties of nature’s divine tools is key.

It is Conscious Items’ wish that every interaction you have with them is another step toward positive transformation. That’s why you’ll find expert advice and key crystal benefits in their built-for-you blog so you’re never without the knowledge you need to implement crystals into your daily life. They believe that learning about these natural, powerful tools is the first step towards harnessing their energy.

Giving back, one natural resource at a time

Oh, and remember how I said that I loved Conscious Items for the ways they give back? Well, with every order, they pledge to plant one tree. They believe that energy is fundamental, regenerative, and essential. It’s all we have. The say that the energy that runs through the forests runs through you. And those forests provide us with the precious oxygen that helps fuel life. Yet, seven million hectares of forest are lost annually due to deforestation, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization.

That’s more forest than the size of Denmark and the Netherlands put together— it affects our wildlife, ecosystems, weather, and even our climate. Even more, it pushes Indigenous peoples out of their homes by destroying their land and their way of life—something only worsened by climate change, making deforestation a vicious cycle.

They’ve partnered with’s Trees for the Future program. This top-rated non-profit has planted over 145 million trees in dozens of countries to revitalize invaluable soil and has helped improve the lives of thousands of families.

Ready for the Black Friday deals at Conscious Items? Get ready for it – it’s a big sale!

  • Buy One, Get One For FREE!
  • FREE product for the first 2000 people who purchase above $100 USD.
  • Additional products for 70% off – People can use the 1+1 on top of the discount.
  • Launching 13 new limited edition products.
  • Planting 2 Trees per order.
  • FREE shipping threshold over 75 USD.

Start shopping now at Conscious Items and see all the awesomeness just waiting to be unwrapped this holiday season.

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