Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box

A big thank you for the Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box they sent me to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was received for this very rave review. It’s just *that* cool.

Mad Tree Woodcrafts Personalized Keepsake Box

Where do you keep your most precious items? Let me guess: some are in your purse, some are in your nightstand, some are in a cardboard box in storage, and others are around there *somewhere*… And then there are others that were so special that you put them somewhere so safe that you may never find them.

No judgement here, I was in the same place as you until this year. This summer, to be exact. That’s when I found Mad Tree Woodcrafts and they made me the most gorgeous handmade keepsake memory box for all my sentimental items.

Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box

Finally, I have a special spot for all the trinkets and special things we pick up while traveling as a family. I now have a home for the lovely notes my sister writes me each year that isn’t a cardboard box in storage. I now have a place of honor for the special picture that includes all of the grandmothers I ever knew in my lifetime – on both sides of my family – all enjoying a family dinner together. The patch for my grandpa’s battalion in WWII is now safe with the name patch my other grandpa wore. And, all the special notes my children write now have a home that isn’t in my nightstand.

Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box

But, not just any home. This handmade wooden keepsake box is a gorgeous work of art, and the perfect place to store all of my sentimental treasures. We’re not talking about a basic wooden box that’s been stained in different colors, rather this is an heirloom-quality handmade hardwood box made with only the finest quality components.

Truly, words don’t even do it justice. The exquisite craftsmanship is apparent in every single detail of the Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box. From the single pieces of walnut hardwood that make up each side of the box to give it a consistent grain, to the contrasting hardwood maple corner splines and miter joinery, it’s apparent at first glance that this box is something special.

Mad Tree Woodcrafts Personalized Keepsake Box

We received the large solid walnut box, and the natural color of the walnut wood is simply gorgeous. That’s right, the box isn’t a lower quality wood that’s been stained, this is the natural color of the wood with 3 layers of an extremely durable and long-lasting clear topcoat applied to protect our box and enhance the grain of the wood.

The result is somehow timeless and completely on-trend at the same time, which is exactly what I’m looking for in a keepsake box that is meant to displayed proudly. No matter where you decide to display it, you are sure to get tons of compliments on it.  

Mad Tree Woodcrafts Personalized Keepsake Box

One huge added bonus of having our own Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box is that now the kids can see all of the special family items that have been stored away in numerous boxes, totes, and bags all these years. Having the special spot for all our sentimental items means that they can actually be appreciated and enjoyed – instead of squirreled away, hidden around the house.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed showing the kids all the items from their greats and grands, all of the items we’ve collected on our travels, and all of the many special items we’ve gotten from loved ones. It has been absolutely magical watching them explore the box and listen to story after story of their past and their ancestors.

Customize on your Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box

Did I mention that your special keepsake box is personalized just for you? And, did I mention that personalization is free? That’s right, every Mad Tree Woodcrafts piece can be engraved with whatever you dream up *for free*. Click on Engraving Request or enter your request in the Notes section, or you can upload a picture for them to use. Send them a favorite poem, a phrase, a full name, initials, or even a photograph and they can make it happen. They provide unlimited digital proofs so you can approve your design before it ever makes it to the wood.

Once you’ve perfected your personalization, it’s time to customize your add-ons. Choose one or two 2” removable trays to keep small items in a place of honor and keep them safe, and add an optional lock and key for another layer of safety. I highly recommend adding at least a tray, and highly recommend the special lock and key that is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Ready to start customizing?

How to create your own special Mad Tree Woodcrafts Personalized Keepsake Box

Start by choosing the size you’d like at The boxes range in size from small, to extra-large, in squares and rectangles, and with hinged or sliding lids. We went with a large rectangle as we’ve had 25+ years of memories to store and needed a good size box to keep it all. The large box measures 13″ x 8″ x 7.75″ and it holds a surprising amount of keepsakes comfortably.

Then, choose the wood selection for your box. We chose the walnut, but you can choose cherry, pine, hickory, oak or walnut, or a combination of two woods in some cases.

Select your optional add-ons and engravings. You can engrave on the outside of the box as we did, or you can engrave the inside for an extra special hidden message.

If you have additional questions and customizations, you can email your engraving instructions to them at [email protected]. We made a keepsake box, but you can make a box for literally any occasion. Whether you are using it as a baby memory box, a wedding keepsake box, a special jewelry box, or you are using it as a memorial box, there’s no limit to the ways you can use a Mad Tree Woodcrafts creation.

The final step is the hardest: waiting for your customized Mad Tree Woodcrafts personalized keepsake box to arrive. Luckily, the owners know how excited you are about their pieces, and they do their very best to get it out to you as soon as it’s customized just for you. And, when it arrives all gift wrapped and beautiful, it will be well worth the wait.

You can visit to start customizing. You can also visit their Etsy shop to see more ideas and accessories, as well as all their other amazing personalized products.

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