Cuddle up in Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets

A big thank you to Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets for sending us a few blankets to adore. No monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review – we all just adore them and wanted to share our love.

When my son was young, we dubbed his special blankie a “magic blanket” because it had magical properties that would lull him to sleep in mere minutes. So, then all the kids all got “magic blankets” for their beds and cribs. But then, all my babies grew up, and eventually security blankets got sent to the back of the linen closet… and sleep wasn’t nearly as magical.

Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets

Obviously, we needed bigger magic blankets for all of us. Thankfully, I found Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets just in time.

It turns out, their super soft and fluffy blankets also have magical properties to lull us to sleep. Seriously, ask any one of us and we will re-affirm this statement. Well, everyone but this borrowed babe, whose review will be in pictorial form instead, for obvious reasons.

What are Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets?

Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets were designed by a mom of two kids who has a tradition of “sunset snuggles” with her kiddos every night. They launched their first collection in March of 2021, and now their offerings include tons of colors/styles, and even has a line of “Mommy & Me” blankets. Recently, they expanded their line to include super soft luxury robes as well.

They’ve designed their blankets to be so much plusher and softer than the leading throws on the market. They come in a variety of sizes for every need – from baby on up to extra-large sofa throw. The result is the snuggliest blanket around at a competitive price point for every room in your house.

Sunset Snuggles is proudly 25% women owned, 50% BIPOC owned, and is an equal opportunity employer.  They strive to be as sustainable as possible in the manufacturing and shipping of their blankets, which I love. And, know what else I love? That they plant a tree for every purchase through their partnership with One Tree Planted!

Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets

At Sunset, we snuggle

We got to try out a few of their amazingly soft “magic blankets” this summer and we are all now fully in love. They are the perfect mix of trendy and comfort, all in one cuddly little package. My girls promptly claimed the Cream & Sky Diamond Mosaic Extended Throw Blanket for their bedroom as soon as it arrived. It quickly became their favorite blanket and only left their room for one week since it arrived.

What happened that one week it left their room? That’s when the girls decided to have an extended backyard sleepover that I thought might never end. They’ve had backyard sleepovers before, but never for longer than a night. But, then again, they never had Sunset Snuggles to cuddle with in the tent before now. Coincidence? I think not.

Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets
If you’re worried that I got my brand-new Sunset Snuggles blanket stolen as soon as it arrived, you will be happy to know that I claimed my own Sunset Snuggles luxury blanket for our room as soon as I opened the box. I had been looking for something versatile for our bedroom that could match all our many duvets, and the Black & Cream Diagonal Stripe Extended Throw Blanket was perfect.

Cream and black on one side and then the reverse on the other side means that it can go from moody to neutral with just a flip of the blanket. I haven’t decided which side is my favorite yet, so I like to flip it with each sheet change. I’ve tried it laying straight across the bottom and then draped for even more drama and fun, and each time I change it up it feels brand new again.

Last, but certainly not least, we got a Baby’s Breath & Volcanic Glass Diamond Tile Extended Throw Blanket for our sofa. Since so much of our snuggles happen right here on this couch, it makes sense that we should also have a magical blanket to cuddle up in to watch a show or read a book.

Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets

To buy Sunset Snuggles luxury blankets

You can start your shopping at Their blankets range in price from $20 for their baby-sized loveys to $150 for twin-sized plush blankets.  You can view the entire line on and choose your favorite style, color, and size.

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