Travel-proof your immune system with Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplements

I received the Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplements for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. This post may contain affiliate links.

We’ve all been told to trust our gut, right? It turns out that might be more factual than we ever knew. Research in the past few years hints that your unique microbiome is one of the single most important aspects of your overall health. Crazy, right?

Bio-Kult, the maker of UK’s #1 Probiotic Supplements, doesn’t think it’s crazy. In fact, they have been saying this for 25+ years, and have been at the forefront of researching ways that taking care of your gut health can lead to better quality of life. They want to live in a world where people understand the unique connection between gut health and overall wellness, and where people have the tools to rebalance gut microflora themselves.

Their line of Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplements has a scientifically developed, advanced multi-strain formulation that contains 14 probiotic strains. These unique strains are proven to survive the high acidity of the stomach, which helps them target the gut to reestablish and rebalance the gut microflora.

Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplement

We all know how travel wreaks havoc on our immune systems, which can take a lot of fun out of exploring new places. I was grateful that a package from Bio-Kult arrived right before our big family vacation where we would be dining out frequently and enjoying new foods and drinks. I was even more grateful that there were actually special instructions for use while traveling included on the package, which took all the guesswork out of staying healthy on vacation.

By starting your normal dose a week before vacation, and then doubling up while traveling, you have a much better chance of staying well on your adventures. For me, this peace of mind is so incredibly important, and that makes Bio-Kult one of my new favorite travel tricks.

Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplement

About Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplements

At Bio-Kult, they believe that a healthier, happier quality of life starts with your unique microbiome. Their award-winning range of clinically proven, probiotic strains are specially designed to support your mood, energy, and general health every day.

Each human being hosts hundreds of different bacterial strains in their gut. Bio-Kult products are unique multi-species, multi-strain probiotic supplements that have been shown to exert more positive benefits on a wider range of gastrointestinal complaints. All of their strains have shown in vitro that they are able to work synergistically together. 

Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplement

Bio-Kult products are all manufactured in the UK. This means top pharmaceutical standards, and top-quality products, and it’s now available in the US. Bio-Kult Original Multi-Strain Formulation contains 14 unique probiotic strains for digestive and immune support. This product targets the digestive and immune system, helping keep you well year-round. Simply take 1–2 capsules of Bio-Kult per day with food. The capsules can be swallowed whole or pulled apart with contents sprinkled into food or mixed in a drink.

All Bio-Kult Probiotic Supplements have been approved by the Vegetarian Society as a vegetarian product. They are also non-GMO and gluten free. Note: Product contains milk and soy used in the fermentation process.

End the probiotic confusion

I’m so happy I found Bio-Kult products this summer. I’ve been searching for a probiotic product for years. Seriously, years. Have you ever explored the supplement aisle of your local market and noticed how confusing the probiotics section is? I swear I’ve tried them all, each claiming to help in one specific area or another and have had mixed results. Bio-Kult was the first one that actually seems like it does anything, and I can’t wait to see how it works long-term for me.

And, hey, it kept me healthy on vacation. That’s a big plus right there.

Where to buy

Bio-Kult Original Multi-Strain Formulation is available to purchase online at,, and

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