Gift Guide for Dads

1. A champagne stopper for all of life’s great events

Is dad celebrating a milestone, or is he just celebrating making it through a busy week? Either way, Kloveo’s sparkling wine stopper will make sure his champagne is never flat or spilled. The Kloveo is smarter than your average stopper. The seal uses a simple, but brilliant, physics principle of Pascal’s Law to keep champagne fresh to the last drop. As pressure builds inside the bottle, the plastic nipple expands outward, creating a ‘bubble-tight’ seal. So, now you can lay your bottle flat, or stand it upright and the seal works the same. Oh, and did I mention it is BPA and Phthalate Free? Maybe get dad some champagne with it while you’re out shopping.

2. Pocket sized protection from Matador.

At the end of a day of adventures, everyone is going to want to pile on dad and snuggle, right? Mud, wet grass, and worse are the norm for most adventures, but this little ground cover will make sure dad doesn’t end up soiled. Protect dad and his gear by bringing a small, waterproof ground cover to set stuff on, wherever you roam.  This pocket sized outdoor blanket is so lightweight that you can toss it into any backpack or purse, or keep it in your trunk for emergencies.

3. Nomadix Towels.

There’s a reason they say Nomadix towels are “The Only Towel You Need¨. Not only are their towels high-performance, they also weigh less and take up far less space than a traditional beach towel. This makes them perfect for family travel, beach trips with the kids, hiking and camping trips, and more. We were struggling with finding towels for our adventures, and now that we’ve found Nomadix we will never go back.

These aren’t small in size, at 72.5″L x 30″W they are similar to your typical bulky towel, but so much thinner. Don’t mistake thin for less-absorbent, because these towels can soak up their share of liquids. The difference is that they dry so much quicker, meaning that you can use them again and again throughout the day without ending up with a wet and dripping towel after the first soak. See more high performance towels at Nomadix

4. Never miss a moment of your show with ZVOX

Have you ever struggled to hear dialogue on TV and movies over your kiddos? If so, get dad a ZVOX with AccuVoice that we’ve loved for years at Rave Central. The ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar with AccuVoice and a built-in subwoofer is more like a complete sound system in one unit, and it helps you hear voices and minute details, even when watching with kids.

This little bar really does sound amazing. I was expecting a much smaller sound than the SB380 produced, and I definitely wasn’t expecting the level of surround sound it gives out. You don’t expect room-filling 3D sound from a single unit, but this one definitely rocks it. With its built-in powered subwoofer, you can even get great bass without having to keep an external unit in your living room.

Find out more about the ZVOX here.

5. Soothe dad’s aches with the Ekrin B37

Dads have a lot on their shoulders – sometimes literally. If dad hasn’t tried percussive therapy before, he needs to. Whether he craves extreme workouts or he can throw out his back sleeping wrong, percussive therapy can help him. But, the Ekrin B37 isn’t just for injuries. It can also help tight, sore muscles relax. And, with regular use you will find that it helps you move better, recover faster, improve range of motion, increase blood and lymphatic flow, and even enhance athletic performance.

Give dad the gift of better health with the Ekrin B37. He will love the 5 speeds that range from 1400-3200 RPM, the ergonomic design, the 4 head attachments, and the carrying case to keep it all handy at all times. All this with a 8+ hour lifespan that can keep him relaxed all week long.

Find out more here.

6. The most fun shims around

Is dad expected to fix everything that breaks around the house? If so, get him a brand-new tool that will make his fix-it tasks fun. Introducing the air shim that can help dad lift anything – all with the power of air. We’ve had a ton of fun playing with these throughout the month, standing on them while we take turns lifting each other. It’s good, cheap fun. And, when we redo our bathroom with new cabinets, these little tools are going to come in amazingly handy.

Find out more about Air Shims here.

7. Ampere Side Pocket Bag with Built-In Charger.

This isn’t your typical dad fanny pack. This is a tech lover’s dream. Roaming cell phones, high camera use, and browsing the internet to pass time are all horrible for your smartphone battery. Make sure dad packs a charge with the Ampere Side Pocket so he can carry his phone and charge it on the go.

The Side Pocket is just the right size for any adventurer –  just big enough for the essentials when you don’t need a full-size pack. The wireless panels work with all Qi-enabled devices, AirPods Pro and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case. Output port works with any device that can be powered via a Type-C port. Side Pocket, wireless charging fanny pack – Ampere LLC

8. Samsung Evo SD cards

You may think that SD cards aren’t all that exciting of a gift for dad, but what dad doesn’t have a million pics of his kids? I guarantee you that they would prefer to use quality SD cards from Samsung over some store brand. Get them a nice and reliable SD card for all those irreplaceable memories.

I personally love the Samsung EVO Plus Full-Size SDXC cards that have their patented 7-proof protection. Pair that with their 10-year limited warranty and you can actually relax a little about using it at home and away. Of course, they also have the best-in-class transfer speeds up to 130MB/s so you can quickly download and upload pictures, videos and more.

You can buy Samsung EVO Plus full-size SDXC cards on Amazon.

9. Luci EXPLORE Light.

Does dad like camping? If so, this solar-powered and water-resistant little light will be his favorite speaker, mobile charger, and wake-up light all in one. It’s app-enabled and can be controlled via Bluetooth. Choose from unlimited color options and set your wake-up light preset to be the best travel companion you’ll ever find.

The light will last up to 24 hours on the light function and 4.5 hours on the speaker function. Just recharge via solar panel or via USB and it’s ready for any adventure. See full review of the Luci lights here.

10. Lazarus Artisan Goods Leather Journal.

Collect memories, not mementos. Dads don’t want a bunch of stuff to store, but they do want to remember all their family adventures. Get them the gift of a handcrafted and one-of-a-kind journal to record all those memories and it will quickly become one of their most prized possessions.

Adventurer's Gift Guide

This Rustic Compact Journal from Lazarus Artisans is handcrafted in Honduras and hand stitched for guaranteed durability. You can choose either lined or unlined pages, and choose between 4 gorgeous 100% leather covers. See the Rustic Compact Journal from Lazarus Artisan Goods here.  

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