Ekrin Athletics B37 Percussion Massager

If you haven’t tried percussive therapy before, you need to. Whether you are the type of person who craves extreme workouts, or you are the type of person who can throw out their back sleeping wrong, or maybe you’re a combo of both of these, percussive therapy is for you.

At its basics, Ekrin percussive therapy is a deep muscle treatment unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Using up to 56lbs of force, the Ekrin Athletics B37 Percussion Massager can work out knots, help relax tight muscles, provide pain relief, and can even be used for physical therapy after injuries when directed by a doctor.

Mere moments after using the Ekrin Athletics B37 Percussion Massager and you will start to feel better. Tight, sore muscles will relax and pain will subside and you will have relief from all those aches and pains. But, the real benefits come when you realize that regular use will help you move better, recover faster, improve range of motion, increase blood and lymphatic flow, and even enhance athletic performance.

Yes, really.

Some health products are fads that come and go quickly, but percussive therapy is definitely here to stay. We’ve tried quite a few percussion massagers throughout the years, and wholeheartedly recommend the Ekrin B37 to all. Whether you’re a pro and have been using them for years and want all the bells and whistles, or whether you are just starting in percussion therapy.

Here’s why we love the Ekrin B37

5 adjustable speeds.

The first time you fire up your Ekrin Percussion Massager, you will be wowed at the speed and strength of the B37 in action. And, then you will realize there are four more speeds to choose from, each one more intense than the last. Varying from 1400-3200 RPM, there’s a speed for everyone. Whether you need deep percussive treatment, have sore or sensitive areas, or just want to activate muscles pre-workout, the B37 has a range of speeds calibrated to fit your needs. 

4 interchangeable attachments.

Included with the B37 is four different attachments: the fork {a pronged attachment}, the bullet {a hard, targeting attachment}, the round {a softer, round attachment}, and the flat {a hard, blunt head}. Each of us has a favorite attachment, and I love that we can store them all in the case, ready for action.

An awesome travel case.

Included with purchase is a soft body, protective case that can store the Ekrin body, the charging cable, and all the various attachments. I love this so much, because there’s nothing worse than having a tool you want to use daily and keep handy that is an ugly eyesore. The case means that the Ekrin doesn’t have to be stored in a closet hidden space, and can instead reside right on the living room shelf.

A long-lasting battery.

Know what sucks? Being in pain and reaching for your favorite pain relieving tool only to find that someone forgot to charge it after the last use and it no longer turns on. With the Ekrin B37 it has a much longer battery than others we’ve tried, which makes it so you don’t have to charge it every single time you use it. With an unprecedentedly long up-to 8-hour Samsung lithium-ion battery, the B37 can go weeks without charging. You guys, this is amazing.

Silicone, multi-grip 15° angled handle.

The silicone grip makes it easier to hold and keep a good grip on, and the 15° angle gives you greater reach. Unlike the standard T-shaped massagers on the market, the unique 15° angle allows for less wrist extension. The result is less arm fatigue, better ergonomics, and an awesome massage experience.

Quieter massages.

Some percussion massagers sound like the jackhammer that they are. The B37 is much, much quieter than others we have tried, even on speeds much higher than the others can reach. It’s all possible thanks to a brushless motor that is wrapped around proprietary sound insulation, creating a pleasantly quiet experience without sacrificing power. 


Up to 56 lbs. of force                        Ultra Quiet Technology

Travel Case Included                       5 Speeds, 4 Attachments

Ergonomic Design                          Premium Materials 

8 Hour Battery Life         

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