On-the-go goodness with the BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

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BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

We’ve officially reached the stage where my daughter hears about cool new gadgets before I do. It used to be that I would be able to surprise her with gift throughout the year when companies would reach out and want to collaborate. Now? She just gives me her wish list. And, top of that wish list was the BlendJet 2 portable blender so she could blend drinks on the go.

Honestly, when she asked for it, I didn’t think we needed it. Remember when we reviewed the top-of-the-line Ninja blender a few years back? Well, that blender still works, and I didn’t see any reason to get a new one, even if it *was* portable. But, I’m also one to admit when I’m wrong, and I was definitely wrong.

Introducing the BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

I happened upon BlendJet at Techfluence this year, a virtual tech event introducing the hottest new tech items for the holidays. They were showing off their new BlendJet 2 portable blender, and I sat mesmerized as I took in the new features. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was basically made for my daughter.

For as long as I can remember, my daughter has been obsessed with fancy drinks, and I’m just not a fancy person. So, rarely did I indulge her and pull out the mammoth blender for her to make a huge mess with. But, with the BlendJet 2, she can make her own concoction with little to no parental help and literally no mess.

Basically, it’s everything we ever wanted in a portable blender, and so much more. It’s so easy to use and super convenient for taking back and forth from work or school or for days out as a family. Or, at least it *will be* great for taking on the go. Because we’re not really going anywhere these days, we’re just enjoying using it at home instead of having to use the big huge blender.

BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

Why BlendJet 2?

Aside from being portable, the BlendJet 2 has some really cool features in its own right. Unlike traditional blenders with their blades in the center, BlendJet 2 has stainless steel blades that are offset from center. This allows it to have a “tornado effect” that helps keep the ingredients moving far better than other blenders. They call this TurboJet Technology, and it’s pretty awesome.

You can even use as a food processor with the Pulse Mode. With a double-press of the power button, your BlendJet 2 portable blender transforms into a powerful food processor that pulverizes veggies, fruits, nuts and more. You can pulse your way to tasty guacamole, pesto, salsa and hummus in mere seconds.

Ready to take it on the go? Shift into Lock Mode to prevent accidental blending on your adventures. They even claim you can toss your BlendJet 2 portable blender into your backpack or purse once it’s locked, but I’m much more of a traditionalist and prefer to keep mine upright in the cupholder. 

BlendJet 2 is also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting liquid in the USB-C port. If you accidentally submerge your BlendJet 2 in the sink or pool, it will be fine. That’s why they say it’s the ideal blender for mermaids.

Oh, and did I mention it pretty much *cleans itself*? Say goodbye to the most annoying part of blending. Bulky blenders are hard to clean or they fill up your dishwasher. But, the BlendJet 2 is made for easy, on the go blending. Just add a drop of soap, a bit of water, blend, and you’re ready for your next blended creation.

BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

What’s new in the second gen model?

The new BlendJet 2 is five times more powerful than the BlendJet One with a doubled battery capacity. It also has a greater blending capacity with a larger 16 oz cup. That means that the BlendJet 2 holds 33% more than the original BlendJet in roughly the same overall size and shape. So, now you can create even greater concoctions with all the same portability.

The newer model will give you 15+ blends from just one hour of charging through its water-resistant USB-C port. And the included cable is reversible, so there’s no wrong way to plug it in.

 What will you use BlendJet 2 for?

BlendJet 2 makes smoothie-bar-quality beverages, silky-smooth protein shakes, top-shelf mixed drinks and creamy frozen lattes, plus milkshakes, slushies, baby food, dips, dressings, sauces, and so much more. They even send a new recipe video straight to your inbox each week to inspire creativity and ensure you get the most out of your BlendJet 2.

Still not sure how you would keep healthy foods around for blending on the go? Well, you will love the nutrient-rich JetPack® Ready-to-Blend Smoothies you can buy with your BlendJet pruchase. Simply add milk or water to enjoy a creamy, delicious smoothie whenever, wherever. JetPacks are proudly made in California with only the highest-quality ingredients and no artificial anything.

Make breakfast a breeze, reinvent lunch, fuel your workout or chill with a frozen margarita, all while saving time and money.


  • Compact Size: 9” x 3” (230mm x 76mm)
  • Product Weight: 1.34 lb (.61 kg)
  • Jar w/ Measurement Markings: 16 oz (475 mL)
  • 15+ Blends Per 1 Hour Charge
  • Water-resistant USB-C Port
  • 4000 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 7.4V Electric Motor Spins 275 Times Per Second
  • 6-Point Stainless Steel Blade
  • Durable Built-In Carrying Strap
  • Come in 16 vibrant colors

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