The perfect preschool activity: Big Gem Diamond Painting

A big thank you to Creativity for Kids for sending the perfect preschool activity: Big Gem Diamond Painting for review. 

Creativity for Kids Big Gem Painting

I’m always on the hunt for activities I can do with my youngest while her older siblings are in school. Since we’re mostly screen-free around here, I dread the rainy season when we’re stuck indoors for large lengths of time and are constantly searching for activities we can do together when we get sick of all our typical go-tos. One of my favorite fall-backs is crafting together, and this kiddo and I have done more than our share of glittery, messy, creative fun.

So, when a new craft kit hits the market that is perfect for us to do together, I get absurdly excited. Such is the case with the new Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting kit that kept us both busy for hours.

Perfect preschool activity: Big Gem Diamond Painting

As the name would suggest, it is filled with diamond-like gems that you can use to bedazzle your artwork with. The name is slightly misleading in that there is no actual “painting” involved, you are merely using the gems to “paint” your art pieces. To me, this was a very exciting discovery as I wasn’t sure I wanted the time of painting and drying before we could start the bedazzling process. Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting preschooler

Mess-free sparkly fun

Create your own diamond art designs with two diamond painting activities in one in the new Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting Kit. With 12 diamond art stickers and 2 diamond suncatchers it’s hours of fun and crafting potential.  There’s no glue involved since the sticker and suncatcher sheets themselves are sticky to adhere to the gems, so there’s basically no mess. 

Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting stylus

Seriously, if you’re looking for mess-free, this is your craft. The kit comes with its own gem tray and stylus for picking up individual gems, so there is virtually no mess unless someone accidentally knocks the tray over. But, even if that were to happen, the gems are plenty big to handle and return to the tray and it would only take a minute to return them and never know they had spilled. So, it’s basically every mom’s favorite craft, ever.

Practice hand-eye coordination in a way that doesn’t feel like work

Oh, and did I mention that it could potentially take *hours* to complete one art project? Depending on your child’s level of detail and excitement over the project, each of those little gems being placed on the sticky surface is quite the time killer. I let my little craft while I was making lunch for us, and then we crafted together all until naptime and we still didn’t finish the unicorn we were working on. If I hadn’t been excited about finishing it together, I could have stretched out the art project for days, which is honestly amazing.

Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting

Watching her work out the little gems with the stylus, carry them over to the suncatcher, and stick them to the surface was really fun because you could tell this was a super, duper serious task. She wasn’t rushing things, she was taking care that each gem ended up in the exact spot she decided, which I quickly figured out she was incredibly good at. Her hand-eye control was never something I worried about, but after watching her work on this, I can safely say that her fine motor skill are beyond excellent.

It’s such a rewarding feeling when you find a project that your child really clicks with, and this kit is definitely on that list. She was so into the placing of the gems for her unicorn project that I had to convince her to stop working on it each time we had to end craft time. Then, each time I brought it out again she would squeal with delight.

Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting unicorn

A perfect preschool win

Look how proud she is of her creation after a few hours of work. I’m going to admit I’m a pretty proud mama, too. Putting all of these gems on would be easy for an older kiddo, but for her age, this is amazing attention to detail and eye-hand coordination.

And, to make things even better, unlike some crafts that end up in the trash or recycle bin almost as soon as they are made, the finished Big Gem piece is pretty cool. We’re looking forward to working on the rest of the stickers and suncatchers in the kit and she has some favorites she’s picked out for friends and siblings. Just like the completed unicorn below that is already displayed for all to enjoy, we’re going to find fun homes for all of our diamond paintings after all the work she puts into them.  Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting unicorn suncatcher

Where to get the perfect preschool activity: Big Gem Diamond Painting

You can buy the Big Gem Diamond Painting Kit on amazon or on the Faber-Castell site. Be sure and look around a bit at the rest of their art projects – their kits are one of our all-time favorite ways to craft together as a family!

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