Mindfulness workshop for busy moms with Infinite Balance

A big thank you to Manjeet for inviting me to the Mindfulness Workshop for Busy Moms with Infinite Balance this past week. All opinions are 100% mine… well, and my sister’s.

Infinite Balance notebook Mindfulness workshop for busy moms with Infinite BalanceI can’t tell you how many friends and acquaintances have come up and recommended Infinite Balance Life Coaching with Manjeet to meUp until last week, I thought maybe I just seemed out of balance and like I needed professional help, but now I realize it’s because Manjeet’s events can be life-changingOnce you know this fact, you want to share it with everyone.   

About Manjeet Basran Russell 

Manjeet Russell of Infinite Balance Life Coaching has been guiding clients into life-changing clarity for over a decadeHer specialties include: intuitive one-on-one personalized 12 week coaching sessions, corporate coaching, and vision board discovery workshops. 

I’ve known *of* Manjeet for yearsManjeet is kind of a legend at our elementary school, and I never missed an event that she would emcee. But, it turns out that listening to her talk about life balance and mindfulness is even more enjoyable than a mandatory parent meeting. Go figure.  

When describing mindfulness, Manjeet said “…mindfulness is about being aware of the present moment, whether you’re parenting, working or downing a Snickers bar alone in the car before pickup.” Manjeet is clearly my type of life coach. 

Mindfulness for Busy Moms Workshop from Infinite Balance – two sisters’ takes 

The 2-hour Mindful Mom Workshop promised to give us the tools to: 

  • manage stress better so we can be more present for our family and friends. 
  • feel more content and focused. 
  • find our inner strength so that we can calmly handle even the most challenging situations. 
  • tap into our creative power to grow and fulfill our goals.

Mindfulness Inquiry Mindfulness workshop for busy moms with Infinite Balance

Leanne’s take: 

Last week, my sister and I attended a Mindful Mom Workshop, which was our first real introduction to one of Manjeet’s eventsI was going as a seasoned mom of three, but a newly minted tween mom who was suddenly juggling three separate schools. My sister was going as a brand-spanking-new mom with all the concerns of a newly postpartum caregiver of a newborn. I’m sure every one of you remember those days. The sleepless nights, the days that went on forever waiting for your husband to come home, and the weeks that somehow flew by and before you knew it maternity leave was slipping away. It’s a lot of change really quick, and I knew a dose of Manjeet would have helped me immensely back then. 

During the event, Manjeet introduced herself and then led us on a quick guided meditation that was designed to help root you and open your mind to new possibilities and ideas. I admit I might have laughed at this idea a few years ago, but I’ve now learned the error of my ways. Meditating isn’t hocus pocus nonsense, it is scientifically proven to help you in so many ways. It is proven to actually change your brain activity and leave you calmer and more focused, and if nothing else, it’s a great way of relaxing when you’re stressed. Sign me up, right? 

But, the event wasn’t all meditations and relaxing. We were there to not only learn about mindfulness, but to also make a plan for mindfulness in the future. Manjeet gave us tools and strategies that we can use in our busy lives to remain calm, be less reactive, and feel less overwhelmed, which I think we can agree that every mom needs. She then took it a step further and explained how to quiet your mind and learn to trust your inner voice—your intuition.  

This really hit home for me as intuition has become somewhat of a source of internal conflict over the past few years. I generally feel very intuitive when thinking about what others need and what motivates them, but I’ve become rather blind to what my intuition is telling me about where I should focus and where my struggles are. I’ve always had incredibly clear goals, and it’s rather strange that I now feel so lost navigating the next few years without a goal in sight. I believe this is why people do life coaching, and luckily for me, everyone tells me that Manjeet is the absolute best.  

Once I have this clear goal, I can use some of the tools Manjeet taught us about the 4 actions steps to create mindfulness, and then how to combine mindfulness with action to create manifestation. This isn’t *just* about manifesting mindfulness, she also explained how this theory works in many aspects of your life as well, from work to personal relationships and everything in between. You hear people say, “I’m just putting this out into the universe in hopes that it manifests itself”, but that’s only part of it. It’s the intention paired with action that makes this magic work, not just throwing things out into the universe to see what sticks.  

Honestly, the event with Manjeet was exactly what I needed, right when I needed it. As a blogger and photographer, 4th quarter is always insanely busy, so I needed a dose of calm in my life as things are just starting to get crazy. I need this calm not just for a day or a weekend, but I need the tools to help me achieve mindfulness and calm for myself whenever I so desire. Manjeet definitely delivered, and I left feeling not only inspired, but ready to jump into action.  Infinite Balance water Mindfulness workshop for busy moms with Infinite Balance

Britney’s take:

When my sister first told me she signed me up for a Mindful Mom Workshop, I thought it might be a mindful approach to parenting, and learning to react and respond mindfully to our kids. While the workshop identified that as one of the benefits, our actions with our kids were certainly not the only focusAs the mom of a newborn, I wasn’t sure if I would really learn much that applied to me, but it sounded like fun to join a group of other moms in learning something new I could apply later on as my son grows. I went to the Mindful Mom Workshop feeling adventurous and ready for whatever came our way, and Manjeet did not disappoint. 

What came my way was exactly what I needed to hear, right when I needed to. With all the changes that come with being a new parent, I have often found myself a little bit scrambled, unclear, and even hot-tempered. I knew it was normal, but I needed some more tools in my toolbox to help me create mindfulness in my life after baby just like I had done before.

My favorite part of the workshop was the 5 minute meditation. We did a short visualization and afterward, it was as if the volume of all the background noise had been turned way down. The energy in the room completely shifted and suddenly I was aware of the underlying camaraderie that comes with a group of women with a similar goal; to show up differently for ourselves and our families that is better than what they get when we are on auto-pilot. 

We all know some of the benefits of meditation for our health and our focus, but Manjeet talked about boosting our intuitive guidance, which is definitely something I’m into. She also proved that it could be accomplished in 5 minutes. I wanted to know how to tap into that during my day-to-day life. Previously I hadn’t known how mindfulness would fit into my schedule of late night feedings and endless diaper changes. So knowing I only had to commit to 5 minutes at a time felt completely manageable and I figured no one could feel too neglected in that amount of time.

Unlike Leanne, there are very few things I deem too hocus-pocus-y, and I’m open to just about everything and anything that helps calm, soothe, and focus. And given I’ve spent years trying to meditate “correctly” in order to get all these benefits I had heard about, I loved learning the different ways that women from the group were able to accomplish the steps. I realized one of my biggest hang ups was to just find the time to start. I left feeling inspired to try 5 minutes at a time on my own to cultivate the same mindfulness I had experienced in the workshop using the new tools. 

After only a few days of applying the techniques I found that the steps were so easy to remember, and even easier to follow now that I was meditating multiple times a day! – A huge success from where I had started only a few days prior. If I couldn’t commit to the full 5 minute exercise, I found that just attempting the techniques had an almost instant calming effect. I also noticed that my inner voice that, for me, can often be hard to hear, was speaking to me.

In the days since the workshop, I’ve found my timing is better, and my newborn started to fall into a schedule with me that felt like we were so much more in sync with each other. I was better able to sleep, and I was better able to anticipate my baby’s needs. So much so that when my husband would come home, I found I was not quite so desperate to hand off our son and run off to steal some time to myself. Instead, we were having more happy days and I was excited to see my partner and hear all about his day. More connection was the theme of that entire week.

And, it wasn’t just at home; I just showed up differently everywhere I went. I sometimes forget to meditate, but now when I start to feel overwhelmed, or disconnected, I can mindfully return to my practices and get quick effective relief from spinning thoughts. These tools are perfect because they don’t take up any space, they improve almost every aspect of my life, and tune me back in with my own body and my own needs and can be applied almost anywhere. I understand now why people refer to it as life-changing.

Want some Manjeet and Infinite Balance or some Mindfulness workshops for busy moms in your life?

Sign up for life coaching, or see Manjeet’s other events in the Seattle area at the Infinite Balance website. Check out the Infinite Balance facebook page to connect to Manjeet’s growing community of moms, hear of new events, and to learn more about how Manjeet can become your life coach as well.

Thrive Causemetics Mindfulness workshop for busy moms with Infinite BalanceSisters Saving Sisters 

During the mindfulness workshop for busy moms with Infinite Balance, we were introduced to a group called Sisters Saving Sisters. They gifted each attendee with an amazing haul of Thrive Causemetics that we are absolutely in love with. It’s been a long, long time since either one of us have overhauled our beauty routine, and this gift set was just what we needed. We’re now huge Thrive fans, and have been raving about our new makeup to anyone who will listen, but we’re also raving about the company itself. In addition to making great cosmetics, Thrive believes in helping women succeed and has an awesome donation program to help women thrive with every purchase of their CausemeticsCheck out all that they do to give back to women here

Want to find out more about Sisters Saving Sisters? Here’s a bit from the Sisters Saving Sisters website: We are a tribe of sisters, friends, and ladies on mission to support and empower our fellow women. Together we walk, raise awareness, fund-raise, learn to love ourselves, and share our stories, while strengthening sisterhood. We believe in self-love, body positivity, inclusivity, female entrepreneurs, and creating a safe community. You can connect with the Sisters Saving Sisters team on Facebook and see what events are coming up and how you can help give back. 

They asked all of us attendees to join the giving movement and consider an act of kindness. This act doesn’t have to be big, it could be as easy as sharing a smile, or you could make a real difference and empower a woman in need. They asked us to share our act by tagging #sisterssavingsisters so others could follow our lead and be encouraged to do the same. Check out the hashtag and see more about how Sisters Saving Sisters is making a huge difference in the Seattle area.  

What act of kindness are you going to do this week?

Mindfulness workshop for busy moms with Infinite Balance

Be sure to check infinitebalance.net so you can check out all of Manjeet’s offerings and get in on a class {or 6}.

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