Corolle Dolls Make the Holidays Merry

The holidays will always make me think of Corolle dolls.  Some of my first Christmas memories are with Corolle, and now I’m thrilled that I have been able to continue that tradition with my daughter.  From all the nights spent wondering what doll Santa would bring when I was a little girl, to the days spent planning and wrapping leading up to the day my daughter comes running down the stairs to meet her new best friend, Corolle has become one of our greatest holiday traditions.  

Christmas with Corolle
Honestly, it would be hard to say which side has been more magical – the tradition of giving or the tradition of receiving Corolle dolls each Christmas.  Racing out to the fireplace with my siblings to catch the first glimpse of our presents from Santa lined up waiting for us to see my new Corolle doll was one of my favorite childhood memories, but giving my daughter that same memory has proven to be more amazing than I had even imagined.

Because of this, I spend half of the year planning how we can out-do last year, which is roughly half as long as my daughter has spent planning.  She’s been carrying the Corolle mini-catalog around in her shiny gold purse since 2010 and whenever she has a moment, I catch her making notes in the booklet beside each doll.  For roughly a thousand hours {only a slight exaggeration} over the last few months, she has been hard at work making a list the best way she knows how – by marking the dolls she’d love to play with in the booklet. 

Do not be concerned by the large "X" on the face of all the dolls, that's how she chose to mark the catalog. Luckily, she clarified by also writing the word "love".

Corolle Magazine
I bet you wouldn’t be surprised to know that every single item except the boyish baby rattles was marked with her chicken scratch only she can read.  So, what is a mom to do?  Well, this year, I’ve gone all out.  Because I know how happy my daughter is going to be when she spies what we’ve got waiting for her by the fireplace, all I can think about is Christmas morning. 

I have no doubt that my daughter is going to be over the moon excited about the two dolls waiting to greet her this year.  Wait, TWO dolls? 

Yes, two dolls.  These two dolls, specifically:

Corolle Dolls
While some children like trains and others like ponies, my daughter prefers dolls over anything else.  Wowing her at Christmas is really as simple as choosing a special doll and this year we couldn’t decide which would wow more, so we got them both.  They are both very different types of dolls and although they both carry the Corolle name, they bring about a very different type of play. 

When deciding on whether we would go with a baby doll or a big-girl doll, we couldn’t make up our minds.  On one hand, she loves babies and is very into taking care of them, snuggling them, singing to them, and playing house.  But, on the other hand, this past year she has started to really play act with dolls where she creates elaborate scenarios and dialogues and we thought she was ready for the next step with Corolle.

The Les Cheries Camille
is that next step and the perfect introduction to dolls with hair and small accessories.  At 13” tall, Camille is petite and the perfect size for playing with us at home where we can create a miniature world for her but she’s also great for taking on trips or over to Grandma’s to play.     

Like everything Corolle, the Les Cheries dolls are simply adorable.  With long silky hair, beautiful features, and stylish accessories to delight any girl, the Les Cheries are perfect for
W9376-chloe-aplaying and displaying.  I love each and every Les Cheries doll and know we will eventually get some friends for Camille, so I love that Corolle makes so many adorable outfits that you can mix and match with any Les Cheries doll.

And, because I intend to expand on her collection, I also like the prices on the Les Cheries.  Similar dolls cost twice as much {or more} and aren’t even of the same quality, so I love that the Les Cheries are all very affordable, ranging from $39.99 on up.  Of course, they all still have the same vanilla scent we love and the quality we expect from Corolle, but are perfect for the little girl who has grown up Corolle and is looking for the next addition to her Corolle collection.     

The Bebe Charmeur was the second doll we chose and is a classic baby doll like every little child should have.  Bigger than the Calin dolls that my daughter {and son} adore, the 14" Bebe Charmeur is the perfect snuggle partner but still an ideal size for carrying in the Corolle sling or
X0497_pb_12_005_300x300bassinet to take with you.  As much as the Bebe Charmeur is for our daughter, she is also for our son as the two share most of their baby dolls and take turns playing together and separately. 

The Bebe Charmeur isn’t just a pretty doll, this is a classically beautiful doll that never goes out of style.  With an adorable silver star pajama set complete with a hat, sweater, bib and bottle, Bebe Charmeur is perfect for your little mommy {or, in the case of my son, my little daddy}. 

It's begining to look a lot like a Corolle Christmas.  Knowing how excited my children get to see their babies waiting for them every day of the year, I can't wait to introduce them to their newest Corolle best friends.  Just thinking of the magical Corolle Christmas we have planned makes me long for the days to speed by so we can rush to the fireplace together and meet the new babies.

Here's just some of our many {many} Corolle moments of the past year.  I can't wait to add the Corolle Bebe Charmeur and Les Cheries to our doll-loving home!
Corolle Dolls Collage

No matter what age or stage, Corolle has a doll that would be perfect for gifting this holiday season.  Whether you have a little snuggler, a little beautician, a little mommy, or a child who likes to play act with dolls, Corolle has your answer.  Check out their entire line at the Corolle site or visit their display at a retailer near you.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Corolle for sending the Bebe Charmeur and Les Cheries for review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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