Magic Cabin Fairy Doll from Kathe Kruse

A few years ago, my daughter fell in love with fairies thanks to the Magic Cabin Tree Trunk Fairy Home.  Since then, we have done a fairy garden for her in our backyard with Plow & Hearth accessories, created a fairy cove in her bedroom, and decorated her wall mural with display shelves for her various fairy collectibles. 

And, now those shelves can house the most beautiful fairy doll I have ever seen – a 12” Magic Cabin Fairy Doll with Button-Jointed Body by Kathe Kruse

Faye Fairy doll
I should preface this by saying that I am a huge Kathe Kruse fan and have been for years.  There’s just something so special about their amazing attention to detail and their super soft Italian mohair tresses that it’s impossible not to melt when you see one.  But that love has been taken to a new level with the arrival of Faye Fiddlefern {spring fairy} last month.

From the moment the package was open, it’s as if there’s been a little more magic in our house.  In fact, even children who previously had no interest in fairies have been known to fall under her enchanted spell.  Just seeing Faye from a distance begs you to come closer; to touch her, to pick her up and play.  Whether she is on display or engaged in play with the other flower fairies, she shines like no other.

Magic Cabin Fairy Mural
Likely, her hair has a big something to do with this.  Her light green tresses spiral around her like a halo of silken cotton candy and it’s impossible to resist touching it to see if it is soft or scratchy.  Once you feel it, you realize it is impossibly soft, like a fairy’s touch.  And, once you run your finger through it, you realize it is equally impossible to tame. 

But, it’s more than just the hair that sets little Faye apart, it’s all the little details that give her so much personality.  From her laughing eyes and rosy cheeks to her button-jointed arms and legs that can be posed for display or snuggled with, she is a beautiful little companion for any fairy-lover. 

Faye Fairy Doll 2
And, speaking of little details, everything on Faye is simply beautiful, including her clothing.  She is dressed the way you would imagine a fairy princess should be in fine silk, wool, and cotton.  Instead of cheap doll clothing that is mass produced with no attention to detail, Faye looks as if fine tailors created her two-piece tunic top, her silken skirt and her velvety pedal pushers and then shrunk them to fairy size just for her. 

Whether my daughter is enjoying an afternoon tea party, helping plant a magical garden to grow herbs and spices, or creating magical fairy accessories to play with, Faye has been hours and hours of open-ended fun.  But, when she’s not being played with and is displayed up on the fairy shelves, she adds a bit of whimsy and fun to the bedroom.

Magic Cabin FairiesOf course, the Magic Cabin fairies aren’t just for kids, they are also perfect for collectors as well.  We chose the spring fairy because she matched the bedroom mural so perfectly, but Magic Cabin has 3 other exclusive fairies to choose from: Crystal Tinselfrost {Winter), Petal Summerbee {Summer} and Tweela Woodfee {Autumn} along with a fairy friend for each and an accessories set that includes booties, tote and hat.  Collect all four fairies from Magic Cabin and their various accessories and you will be the envy of all fairy-loving folk.

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Magic Cabin for sending the Faye Fairy to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

11 thoughts on “Magic Cabin Fairy Doll from Kathe Kruse”

  1. This looks so good perched up on that wall shelf! What a fun, whimsical addition to a girls room. Love her soft hair! I want to get one of these for my daughter’s nursery.

  2. I’m glad everyone else likes them because they are a little creepy to me! The facial features are too tiny and light!….hopefully it’s just my computer screen!


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