Personal Creations Cast Metal Garage Sign {with Coupon Code}

I love Christmas. Every year it starts with a very long list of everyone we buy for and then the fun part – brainstorming what would make everyone’s holidays merry. It used to be that we did practical presents – a knife set, a feather comforter, gift cards, or a new brief case – but in more recent years we’re found that the presents that really make people happy are the sentimental ones, which I why I do a lot of shopping at Personal Creations.

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I’ve talked before about how much I love shopping at Personal Creations for holiday décor, starting with their personalized Christmas ornaments, stockings, and holiday trimmings, but they have far more than that in their vast catalog that can be personalized. You may remember that this time last year I was raving about their awesome Metal Stocking Holder that gives even us mantle-less homeowners a way to hang the stockings by the chimney with care, and a year later I still love it, especially now that we can actually put it by the fireplace instead of using it as a line of defense to protect the tree.

Well, even if you’re not decking those halls, Personal Creations is the perfect solution for holiday shopping for everyone on your list. Immediately, I found something I wanted, something
P01194bI needed, and something I would love to wrap up for someone special.
The first thing I found was actually for hubby, who is notoriously hard to shop for. Recently, he’s been working more in our garage doing DIY projects and fixing up our “fixer” cars, so as soon as I saw the 12″ Cast Metal Garage Sign, I knew it was perfect.

The sign can be customized with any name {up to 12 characters} and then a message {up to 9 characters} and I knew I wanted our last name and then the year we got married. When the cast metal garage sign arrived, I took one look at it and fell in love. I was half expecting one of those personalized signs you can buy at the fair that consist of vinyl placed on a thin piece of metal and was thrilled to find this wasn’t some hokey sign slapped together with a name, this was a quality piece of art that would be proudly displayed for decades.

Made of heavy-duty recycled aluminum with embossed lettering, it looks like the real deal – as if you found an authentic retro garage sign that just happened to have your name on it. There are no seams or anything you would find on a low quality piece and it’s clear that a mold was made just for us to create this piece and then it was hand painted after being cast. With a price tag of only $74.95, I wasn’t expecting anything close to this high of quality and was pleasantly surprised by all the little details that make the garage sign so incredibly cool.

Garage Sign
Note: the red of the sign is darker and more burgundy than the picture above suggests. I had to use a sideways light to really get the detail in the lettering and the color got lost in the process.

I love that the garage sign is such a quality piece that it’s bound to become an heirloom. Knowing that our kids are going to grow up seeing the garage sign as we are working on projects together just makes me happy. As they get older, I know that the sign is going to trigger all those memories in the garage – handing their daddy a wrench when he needs it, helping sand and stain, and working on daddy’s old Volkswagen.

Personal Creations collage
If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift that will wow, check out Personal Creations has what you’re searching for. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for Grandparents, gifts for baby, or anyone else in between, there’s a little something for everyone and at great prices that you are sure to love.  And, now you can even get a 25% discount on any order by using BLOGGER25 at checkout!

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Personal Creations for sending the garage sign to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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