ASUS Google Nexus 7” Tablet for the Ultimate in Portable Entertainment

Remember when computers lived in an office and basically took up the whole desk with all their various parts?  Then you probably remember how excited everyone was about the first laptops and how portable they were.  Funny to think we would be laughed out of a room if we called those first laptops “portable” today … Read more

Windows 8 + Urbanspoon Luncheon at Seattle’s Luc Restaurant

A few weeks ago, I got to do something many people only dream about: dine with a famous chef in a beautiful setting surrounded by fun and fabulous people.  The intimate event took place at Seattle’s Luc, a French-American restaurant owned by Top Chef judge and Top Chef Masters contestant, Thierry Rautureau {AKA The Chef … Read more

HP ePrint-Enabled Printer and XL Ink {Vlog}

You would laugh if you saw my “office”.  Not my actual office with the nice desk, wall-to-wall bookcases and storage to spare, no, you’d probably actually like that one.  But, you would laugh at what I call my desk, the one I sit at all day long.  With two young children that need to be … Read more

Capturing memories with the Sony Handycam

Everyone always says it, but I just don’t think you understand it until becoming a parent: time passes much too fast.  Even though my kids are still young, there’s been so many times my husband and I would turn to each other and say “do you remember how Bubs used to say _____?” or “what park was that where he took his first steps?” 

My mom holding my son when he was firstborn

I can only imagine this gets exponentially more difficult to remember the older they get and there are so many more milestones to keep track of.  While I’ve tried to keep up with their baby books and journals, I oftentimes wish we had caught that adorable expression or pronunciation on video so we could watch it over and over and relive all those moments that pass too quick. 

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Sony Handycam {Review}

Do you remember when video cameras came in a suitcase?  Not much smaller than the film cameras used in Hollywood, video cameras of the 80s required a strong shoulder to keep them steady and they were anything but portable.  I always felt really sorry for the poor parent holding the video camera, not just for … Read more

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo Professional Label Maker

I resolve to… streamline my office Even a casual reader of this site knows how excited we get about organization.  And, if you saw our daily comings and goings you would completely understand why.  Like most parents, we are extremely busy with two small kids, work, a blog, and very busy social lives.  So, whether … Read more

I made the switch to Microsoft Office 2010

Most everyone who knows me knows how much I adore Excel and how I use it daily.  If there’s a way to organize my thoughts in Excel, you can bet I’m doing it.  It’s basically the way I keep track of everything, including my review and giveaway schedule.  Since I have been using it daily … Read more

First Alert Wired Security Camera – Model P-520

Cozy At Home: Day 27 A big part of how Cozy At Home we are is dependent on how safe we feel in our own homes.  First Alert knows how important safety and security at home is and has created a whole line of products to ensure even private citizens have the highest in security … Read more

Cricut Expression Review

For years I admired the Cricut display in the craft store and wondered if it was really as cool as it seemed, but honestly, I had no idea what it really could do.  I knew it was for scrapbooking, but beyond that, I was pretty clueless.  But I knew I wanted it.  Eventually, all my … Read more

LeapFrog My Pal Scout

I would like to introduce you to the only toy my daughter asks for by name, the My Pal Scout interactive puppy (This is of course assuming that his name is, in fact, "Woof Woof" as she insists that it is).  When I got to meet the LeapFrog rep at the Time to Play Holiday … Read more