VINCI Tab III M 5” Learning Tablet {Review – Part I}

I love teaching my daughter new things and watching her eyes light up with each newfound piece of knowledge.  Nothing can beat the feeling of watching her process something complex or advanced for her age and seeing the puzzle pieces slowly come together as she gets the concept fully.  Unfortunately for us, I am vastly under qualified to teach her anything curriculum based and I must rely on others to teach her the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic and science. 

But, even though I am envious of all the mothers who can homeschool and teach their own curriculum, I am less so now that we have discovered VINCI Early Learning Systems.  Named after the amazing Leonardo da Vinci, VINCI is a mom-invented and award-winning learning system designed to prepare kids for school success. 

VINCI Kids Library
We recently got to check out the VINCI Tab III M 5” Learning Tablet that works in conjunction with the VINCI curriculum and it’s been a huge hit at our house.  The VINCI Learning Devices are the only Android tablets tested and approved by the FDA for children 18 months and older and they feature educational tools to help your child succeed at any grade level. 

Vinci Tab M III
So now instead of starting out at square one and teaching myself everything I can about adolescent learning and childhood development, I am thankful to have a handy and fun tool on my side to help me with this process.  This means I can now help my kids learn in a very interactive way, right here at home without all the worry and stress of if I’m doing it correctly and in a way that will resonate with them.  

What's in the box
And, when the VINCI Tab III M 5” learning tablet arrived, I immediately knew it was going to be a hit.  Before trying it, I had mistakenly thought that all children’s electronic learning gadgets were somewhat the same, and thus I wasn’t expecting the VINCI system to be much different.  But, from the moment my daughter turned on the VINCI tablet, I’ve been a true believer in tablet-based supplemental learning.

Vinci Tab
What I found was that the “games” she plays on the VINCI Tab are different than other systems and are more fitted to her age and abilities.  She got more out of playing a 5-minute game on the VINCI than she had in hours of other systems, and there was never a time she was frustrated or bored with the games she was playing.

Playing with VINCI Tab
Part of the reason it has been frustration-free is the fact that the system is separated into three categories: The Curious, The Confident, and The Capable.  Since the system is designed to grow with your child, it’s perfect for families with multiple children and can expand all the way up to age 9 to help throughout the early learning years.

Whether my daughter and son are working on a farm where they milk cows and manage their own market stand, or they are exploring the park, putting towers back together, or simply making music with their own band of monkeys, they have a ton of fun and really absorb each lesson.  In fact, the only problems we have had is when I forget to charge it and the battery runs out when one of them is playing.  Since you can’t play while the tablet is charging, I always feel really bad when they earn tablet time only to pick it up with a few minutes of life left in it, which is why we now check it every morning and make sure it’s charged enough for afternoon play.   

Whereas my daughter {age 4} is more independent and likes to play on the tablet on her own and then show me what fun games she’s been doing, my son {age 2} likes to snuggle up and play right in my lap where I can help explain what each task is he’s doing and offer pointers.  For this reason, I love that the games are all very diverse and use different ways of thinking to solve logical problems because even though they are both in the same learning category with their age difference, they both get a very different takeaway from each game.   

If you are like me and struggle with the idea of teaching from home but would like to offer supplemental learning to help your child in school, I highly recommend the VINCI system that grows with your child through many ages and stages.  Watching them play in a very open environment using all the new fun technology they love allows me to see where their skills are advanced or lacking, and help them learn in ways I have never been able to before.  And, after seeing how well they have both responded to the first set of games, I’m really excited to move on to the next set of lessons with my daughter while helping my son make the most of the first VINCI stage. 

To buy: VINCI learning tablets retail between $169-$199 and you can purchase them directly on the site. In addition to offering two different sized tablets, they also have one that can expand to your smartphone for even greater possibilities for learning.

Leanne LogoA big thank you to VINCI for sending the Tab III M learning tablet to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

6 thoughts on “VINCI Tab III M 5” Learning Tablet {Review – Part I}”

  1. I love this!! my daughter hates the “toy” tablets and I’ve been looking for something to replace her Leappad, so this is perfect timing

  2. I love this approach to learning tablets and know that my kids would love a device like this. My husband recently got an iPad but the kids hardly ever use it. We may have to look into these instead for them. Especially with a few trips planned this summer.

  3. My experience with that product has unfortunately not been very good. So far they have had to replace it five times since my initial purchase. When it works, my daughter enjoys it, but it has been riddled with bugs and hardware failures. I just got the last replacement a week ago and just now tried to set it up, but the touch screen won’t work; and this is right out of the box. I am giving up at this point and will look into getting another product. I guess I lost my money on this one.


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