Secure your TV with SANUS {tilting TV wall mount}

I’m sure everyone out there has read the horrifying stories about little kids climbing furniture and pulling it down on themselves, but I’ve got one more for you.  About ten years ago, my little niece climbed the drawers on a dresser in her older brother’s room to change the channel on his TV.  Since the … Read more

Traveling Light with the Samsung WB200 Smart Camera

Before I was a mom, I hauled around a SLR with me wherever I went – first the film variety, then a DSLR – and made good use of my photography degree.  In those years I took amazing pictures of our adventures while traveling, around our house with family and friends, and exploring the many … Read more

VINCI Tab III M 5” Learning Tablet {Review – Part II}

I’m so proud of my daughter these past few months.  Right before my eyes she has gone from a child who cried every single time I dropped her off at preschool to a kid that bounds in the door of her classroom, excited about what they will be learning that day.  It all stemmed from … Read more

Fitness goals made easy with AT&T

It’s that time of year again when you shed your sweaters and jackets and get all ready for warmer weather and summer clothes… and then you realize that the dreaded swimsuit season is on the horizon again.  But, this year I’m going to be ready for it, thanks to a very welcome present from AT&T. … Read more

Spy Tec Inventio HD 720P video recording sunglasses {Review}

by Tyler, editor and reviewer Even from a young age, I was obsessed with spy technology.  I used to stay up at night thinking of how cool it would be if cameras could fit in the palm of your hand, if fingerprint scanners could lock your valuables or if Hollywood’s technology would ever be a … Read more

Mother’s Day Gift Idea – LG Optimus G Pro from AT&T

Just like so one will forget when they first heard the term “smartphone”, no one will ever be able to forget the first time they heard the term “phablet” {you know, a phone and tablet in one}.  My first time was in reference to my NOKIA 920 Windows Phone from AT&T, which I was assured … Read more

From toddler to teen: the answer is the Zazoo Kids photo clock

Up until just a few months ago, our kids were a parent’s dream at night.  We would literally pop them in their beds after their bedtime routine and not hear from either one again until I would have to wake them up in the morning.  Yes, true story.  But, while my son is still firmly … Read more

VINCI Tab III M 5” Learning Tablet {Review – Part I}

I love teaching my daughter new things and watching her eyes light up with each newfound piece of knowledge.  Nothing can beat the feeling of watching her process something complex or advanced for her age and seeing the puzzle pieces slowly come together as she gets the concept fully.  Unfortunately for us, I am vastly … Read more

Nokia 920s are red and violets are blue…

I think we all know that old rhyme.  I, for one, have been singing it all week as I’ve been learning and loving my new fire engine red Nokia 920 Windows 8 phone from AT&T that arrived just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me.    I’ve said before how utterly amazing it is that … Read more