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Best Buy mobile specialty stores
In this day of electronic upgrades every other week, tech gadgets are dating themselves faster than ever before. This means that most of us have piles of old electronics filling our junk drawers and offices. I will admit that hubby and I have a sizable collection of old cell phones, PDAs, and more that are really just taking up space in our house.

Some of these gadgets are now glorified paperweights with 1997 technology and no ability to charge and I’ve needed to get rid of them for quite a while now. If you read my Best Buy post about their awesome recycling program, you know how much I love that they help you recycle old electronics responsibly for free, and I’ve been meaning to take them to the recycling station for quite some time.

But, what you may not know is that they have a great trade-in and buy-back program that you can utilize if you have old electronics that might be worth a little money. Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores are popping up all over {typically at malls or shopping centers} and I happen to have one near me at the Northgate Mall, so I stopped in last weekend to see what they could do with my 15lbs of excess technology.

Trading in old phones

It turns out that not only do they do they have a trade in program at the mobile stores, they are actually advertising it right now with a promotion where you can get up to a $200 Best Buy gift card when you trade in your used mobile phone. Of course, you don’t need a coupon to participate – you can come in any day to see what you can get for your old phones!

Best Buy trade in coupon
trade-In program accepts more than 11,000 items from tablets, laptops,
PCs, MP3 players, and cameras to phones both old and new, you can check
ahead of time to see if your device is available for trade. And, no, the items need not have been purchased at Best Buy, they accept any and all items from any retailer on this {massive} list.

It was only a few minutes and the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store employees had appraised my old phones, plugged in the ones that were still able to hold a charge, and cleaned of all my info for recycling and trading in. They handed me my gift card and then we got to talking about our account.

Because they don’t work on commission and they have just every phone from any carrier you can imagine, we saw this as a great time to discuss our account and see our options for upgrading in the next few months. They can even compare plans across carriers, show you the newest devices to choose between, and activate your phone right then and there with all your information on it as part of their complimentary Walk Out Working program, and get you the famous Geek Squad protection on your new device.

They were able to pull up our account to see that my husband was eligible for an upgrade on our account, appraise his 4G iPhone, and talk over what the new iPhone 5 would cost factoring in the trade-in. All of this was zero pressure and they knew a ton about our types of AT&T accounts and how we could best save money on newer phones. And, they also price match in the mall, which is awesome!

Need to know if you are eligible for an upgrade? Best Buy can handle the figuring for you, either online or in their mobile stores.
Best Buy accessories and more
But, Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores aren’t just for cell phones. You can also get tablets, cases, keyboards, headphones, accessories and more from the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores, which makes it a one-stop-shop for all your mobile gadgets and more.

Want to find out more? Check out this write up from USA Today that explains why you should clear out your junk drawer today. When you’re ready to get rid of your excess technology, simply click here to find a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store near you here.

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