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Is there anything more American than ball parks and ice pops on a hot summer day? Since our summer is feeling like it’s been flying by in a series of vacations, I thought it would be good to have some good old American fun with the help of Mom Central and Bomb Pop.

Bomb Pop is an official sponsor of Little League® Baseball and Softball and this summer they have even more to cheer about with the introduction of two new flavors. With Hawaiian Punch Bomb Pop and Sour Wower Bomb Pop joining the fold, there’s now 10 varieties of Bomb Pop frozen treats available in grocer’s freezers.

We decided to pull them out at a multi-generation family graduation party this past weekend to share some of the new flavors as well as some fun Bomb Pop toys and games with all the guests, both young and old.  With high temperatures and lots of sun, the frozen treats and baseball games were perfect after the long day and a great meal.

Bomb Pop PartyAnd, when you show up with summertime games and big boxes of Bomb Pop treats, it’s amazing how the kids come running. They stopped riding their bikes, blowing bubbles, and visiting and ran to pick their favorite Bomb Pop.

Bomb Pops Party with kids
Naturally, us adults also got to pick a Bomb Pop, too. Since my husband has never turned down something sour, I knew immediately that Sour Wower Bomb Pops were going to be a hit with him. One bite and he was sold, very excited because they actually were really sour, not just slightly sour like other candies. Even though I’m not as crazy about sour stuff, I also really liked the Sour Wower Bomb Pop flavor and will definitely be buying them again.

Bomb Pop Sour Wower
The kids, however, liked the Hawaiian Punch Bomb Pop best and have asked for them every night since the party. The sugar free pops were great for those unable to have sugar or those who wanted a lighter treat. Then of course, we had the original cherry, lime and blue raspberry red, white and blue pops for the nostalgic types.

And, even with all those kids, there was only one casualty – which was quickly replaced with a new ice pop.

Bomb Pop casualty
After the Bomb Pop boxes were empty and it started to cool off as the sun went down, it was time for the evening games. The Bomb Pop bean bag toss game was the perfect game for both the little kids and the teens in the group, as it was a great group activity and something we could make up rules with as we went, which is our specialty.

The Bomb Pop baseballs were also a fun treat to hand out to the kiddos so they could play catch with their cousins and friends as they roamed the yard. The Bomb Pop keychains were perfect for the older ages – from tween to teen and even some adults.

Bomb Pop bean bag gameWant to know more about the Bomb Pop varieties? Visit and see more information as well as where you can buy. You can also follow Bomb Pop on Twitter and like Bomb Pop on Facebook.

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