Fitness goals made easy with AT&T

It’s that time of year again when you shed your sweaters and jackets and get all ready for warmer weather and summer clothes… and then you realize that the dreaded swimsuit season is on the horizon again.  But, this year I’m going to be ready for it, thanks to a very welcome present from AT&T.

AT&T Store
What does AT&T have to do with my fitness, you ask?  A whole lot, now that AT&T carries a range of smart fitness products that can communicate with your smartphone and help you track your fitness goals.

Fitness gear at AT&T
Why do you need a fitness product, you ask, isn’t that what diet and exercise are for?  It’s true that we all know that to lose weight you merely need to expend more energy than you consume, but the problem with that is that we habitually over-estimate our activity levels and underestimate our food intake.  It certainly makes it hard to figure out how many calories need to be cut to lose weight in a safe and effective way if you have no idea what fuel your body actually needs. 

New activity trackers from Fitbit help you figure out how many calories you’ve really burnt during the course of your day {and night} by tracking steps, miles traveled, flights of stairs conquered, and overall activity levels.  The data the Fitbit device collects automatically communicates with your computer when you have the USB pairing device plugged into your USB {I keep mine plugged in 99% of the time} so you can literally see your progress in real time on your computer.

Fitbit One
Paired with the Fitbit dashboard where you can enter the foods you’ve consumed and activities you’ve done, you can get a better idea of if you have a calorie deficit or surplus right there in black and white {okay, it’s actually COLOR, but you get the point}.  

Ate too much lunch?  Better plan a long walk before dinner, or alternatively, go easy on the dinner to compensate.   Had a long morning running a marathon?  Maybe you need extra calories the rest of the day to refuel your body.

This is all great, but what if you’re not by a computer all day long to track your foods and fitness levels?  Well, that’s where AT&T comes in.  The Fitbit is intelligent enough to connect with your smartphone via app so you can see your dashboard and food diary with you wherever you go.  Just like with the dashboard on your computer, you can track your fitness goals, weight loss or gain, and see hour by hour how you are looking for the day and how you can best stay on track.

We’ve been using our Fitbit trackers {I have the Fitbit One, hubby has the Fitbit Ultra} for a few months now and we absolutely love them.  Straight out of the package you can use it like a smart pedometer, but once you connect it to your computer or smartphone you can add what you’ve eaten and add any physical activities {it can tell when you’ve been walking, going upstairs, or your general fitness level, but it’s not going to be able to detect if you’re carrying heavy items or pushing or pulling something} to help get an even better picture of your activity levels. 

We love our Fitbit wireless activity trackers so much that we were thrilled to find out that AT&T carries other fitness accessories that pair with our devices and smartphones, like the new Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart ScaleAria Fitbit scale

We’ve been trying out the scale for the last two weeks using both of our trackers and would definitely recommend adding it if you are already using the Fitbit.  Just like the Fitbit itself, it pairs directly with your smartphone or desktop to track your weight automatically, which is one less step you need to remember.

Fitbit dashboard
Really, the hardest part is remembering to weigh myself a few times a week, which I'm habitually bad at.  But, now that I've got the Aria Smart Scale to keep me motivated and on track, even that is getting to be less and less of a problem these days.  There's just something fun about seeing pounds disappear from a scale while watching your fitness levels rise. 

Fitbit Aria Scale in useFor me, one of the best parts about the system is that I've learned a lot about how I gain weight and how to lose it.  And, as it turns out, healthy competition is the way to go.  Since hubby and I are connected to each other on the Fitbit dashboard we are literally competing every day for the highest activity levels.  I love that we're not going pound-to-pound in a weight loss competition but rather the goal is to just beat the other person's step total to win. 

Unfortunately for me and my {mostly} sedentary job, I have to work extra hard to keep up, but had I not been tracking it, I would never have known the difference in activity levels.  Just knowing that I've been sitting while he is standing and walking makes me get up more and keep moving, which is a great thing for both my health and my bragging rights.  You decide which is the most important. 

The Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale is available at AT&T stores as well as online for $129.99

Want to see the full range of fitness products from AT&T?  Check out their Health and Fitness accessories today or pop into a store near you!

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to AT&T for providing the ARIA scale as well as a Fitbit giveaway for readers.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.


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