We love the Wummelbox craft and learning kits {Review}

Time travel is something that holds a special place in my heart.  Technically, time travel is responsible for hubby’s and my first date ever.  Okay, not actual time travel, but a theoretical discussion on the merits and limits of time travel that led to an impasse that led to a bet: declared loser buys dinner for declared winner.

I lost the bet.  But, I’m pretty sure he bought me dinner.  And, we’ve been together ever since, which I suppose we can thank time travel for.   

I was already excited when I found out we were going to get the opportunity to review a new Wummelbox craft kit through Team Mom, but even more so when I saw the theme of our package: time travel.  I was very ready to get our craft on, so as soon as our box arrived, we tore right into it to see what kinds of awesome projects we were going to be doing while we learned about time travel.   

Wummelbox logo
Have you heard about Wummelbox craft kits before?  Wummelbox craft kits are monthly packages that are delivered right to your door, and each kit contains 3-4 projects.  These crafts are not only perfect for the little one who loves scissors and glue, they also make for awesome learning experiences to help teach science, math, history and more. 

Wummelbox Open
As if that’s not cool enough, I also love that the Wummelbox kit is also eco-friendly and loaded with high-quality materials just like I would pick if I was doing the shopping.  And, unlike other craft kits, I adore that they also include everything you need to begin crafting – with no extra pieces to buy.

Contents of Wummelbox

In fact, they even included a pair of easy-open scissors that help teach the proper cutting motion!

Includes Scissors
After taking everything out of the box and examining all the included projects, I was even more excited to get started.  I really liked how each project was
clearly laid out with step-by-step instruction cards and with all the supplies for each project in individual bags to make it easy to grab and go.  And, I really, really appreciated the "Wummel Indicator" that shows hows much parental involvement is required for each project in the kit – so you can plan your project accordingly. 

Wummel Indicator
Our kit contained everything we needed to travel back in time to the Stone Age with Wummel and Hedgy, the Wummelbox friends.  O
bviously, the logical place to start is with a time machine, because you can’t go back in time without one.

So, how does one create a time machine?  It’s actually quite easy, apparently. 

Our time machine started with a thick wooden dashboard, which we painted brown with the included watercolor paints and wooden paint brush.  After we had done a few coats of paint to all sides of the wooden board, we let it dry during nap time.  When the kiddos woke up and came running to check their art project, it was almost ready for the knobs to be attached and then for the finishing touches. 
Time MachineOnce the knobs were on and the stickers attached, we just needed a little imagination {and some improvised sound effects} and we were ready to travel back in time.  A little whirring, some beeping noises, and holding each other tight {you don't want to lose someone on the way, do you?} and we were back in the Stone Age.
Playing with Time Machine
Once we had traveled back to the Stone Age, we read up about how the first human beings couldn't speak, and how they painted the walls of their caves to record their experiences and stories.  The kiddos especially liked the idea of communicating in only sounds and gestures, which they realized was like their sign language they used to communicate when they were young.   

We had so much fun with our time machine and it turned into an all-day learning experience that the kids just soaked up.  I love that the kiddos are now getting a better understanding about the origins of human beings and how far we've come in terms of language, housing, and even basic communications.  We ran out of time for the cave painting project and the hunter & gather game, but that was great because it means we have another project for a rainy day. 

In the meantime, we will continue to travel back in time to the age of princesses, dinosaurs, and I can pretend we can travel back in time and tell 14-year-old me not to dye my hair jet black.  Although my daughter hasn't had any hair mishaps {yet}, we can use the time machine to learn from our mistakes and go back even just a few minutes to try again for the correct ways to ask for things, speak to her brother, and more.  And that, to me, is better than preventing any bad hair dye mishap.  

Want to try a Wummelbox for yourself?  Check out wummelbox.com or find Wummelbox on Facebook so you can learn more about the service and how to sign up for 1 month, 3 month, or 12 month subscriptions.

Leanne Signature 2As a member of Child's Play PR and Team Mom, I received a complimentary box from
Wummelbox to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours. 

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