Indoor and outdoor fun with Toy State trucks and cars

My son is a pretty well rounded boy with interests that range from crafting to digging in the dirt {although usually not at the same time}.  But, while he loves his stuffed animals and playing house just as much as my daughter, there is one thing that he loves even more: anything with wheels. 

So, when I was offered the opportunity to review a few new toys from the Toy State line through Child’s Play PR, I knew he was going to be crazy excited.  And, oh boy, was he.  We generally have a rule that toys can’t make noises, but when we’re talking outdoor and patio toys, we make an exception.  And, as it turns out, every boy needs a few noisy toys.  Yes, really. 

Team Mom Cars
This collection of toys arrived just in time for spring outdoor play, and my little guy couldn’t be more excited.  In fact, he loves them so much that sometimes they even get to come inside to play. 

Playing with vrooms
The first car he was drawn to was the Road Rippers Wheelie Monsters Rammunition truck, which makes all sorts of noises, plays music, lights up, shakes, goes forwards and backwards, and rolls over just about anything with its huge, grippy tires. 

Rammunition Toy State
But, since he loves trucks and electronics of all kinds, he of course loves that the Rammunition has buttons that he can control all on his own, one that rocks out, and one that can go over any terrain with its motorized driving – including grass and dirt.  Instead of remote control vehicles, the buttons to control it are in the bed of the truck, which makes it so much easier for my little guy who can’t quite get the hang of remotes.   

The funniest thing about this truck is that it’s also the noisiest of all his toys with its stadium rock sample music and 4×4 driving sounds.  I was really worried I would soon come to hate ever giving him the truck to play with, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my son rarely, if ever, hits the sound buttons and instead only presses the forward and backward arrows that makes motor noises when he’s outside.    

The Road Rippers Wheelie Monsters retail for $ and come in 4 different varieties.

Of course if you’re talking outdoors, you’re most definitely talking CAT vehicles, which is why I love the CAT Rev It Up dump truck my son received.  Instead of a pull-back action, I love that the Rev It Up vehicles are deigned more intuitively and are pushed forward to engage the motorized driving feature.  It doesn’t take off for long, but it’s just enough to have it roll away across the deck or patio so my son chases after it and revs it again.    

CAT Rev It Up Dump Truck
The truck bed, of course, is also a big hit and it usually carries other smaller cars, car accessories, dirt, rocks, and other random yard paraphernalia.  The CAT Rev It Up vehicles retail for $9.99 and come in two styles: Dump Truck and Wheel Loader.

We also received a Road Rippers Hatchbacks Mini Countryman WRC that features a hatchback that opens to reveal a rotating speaker with music and lights.  Every time the hatchback is open, the speaker inside rotates and plays a different song, which is really fun for my little dance party enthusiasts.  They each have their favorite tunes, so they will open the hatch over and over to get back to the song they are waiting for, which makes me very grateful that this is an outdoor vehicle.

Hatchbacks Mini
Road Rippers Hatchbacks retail for $9.99 and come in two styles: Ford Fiesta and Mini Countryman WRC. 

The Toy State vehicles are available at  Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target and

Find out more at and follow Toy State on Facebook and Twitter.
Check out the Facebook pages for Road Rippers and Cat Licensed Toy Vehicles.

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Toy State and Team Mom Child's Play PR for sending the vehicles to facilitate our review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours. 

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  1. How fun are these trucks!! We’re in the market for some more CAT trucks but are looking for ones that could withstand outside play. Are these strictly indoors or could the come outside?


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