Lee Jeans rocked at BlogHer ‘13 Chicago

If anyone out there has never been to BlogHer before, you’d probably think it was ridiculous how much people obsess about clothing beforehand. I am along the lines of “if it fits” and I’m definitely in the minority at a big blogging conference like BlogHer. It’s not that I think those that plan way ahead are silly {I mean, there are literally thousands of socially connected women with cameras at the ready}, but high fashion has never really been my forte.

Really, I’m just a jeans a t-shirt kind of gal… unless it’s scorching hot, and then I’m a skirt and tank top kind of gal. And, this year there was so much talk of how hot Chicago is in the summer that jeans seemed a little silly. In fact, I almost turned down the chance to try out a pair of new Lee Jeans thinking that they would just be taking up space in my bag and I would never get a chance to wear them.

Thank goodness I didn’t turn down a brand spanking new pair of Lee Jeans, because Chicago turned out to be freezing in comparison to our Seattle summer this year. I wore a dress exactly one day of my 7 day trip, and was freezing that entire day. As for the rest of the time? I was rocking my Lee jeans and loving it. Lee Jeans in ChicagoI wore my Lees with flip flops, wore them with sneakers, and wore them with my favorite new accessory – my Tieks by Gavrieli foldable ballet flats with the bright blue soles. I wore Lee jeans to a wine tasting, a dinner with one of my favorite brands, a boat cruise, a BlogHer session, and a whole bunch of private parties. 9NU2X5

This is me with Xenia from Thanks Mail Carrier {left} and Liz from A Nut In A Nutshell {right} at the Sheraton Social Hour that kicked off BlogHer. The strangers thing was a joke, I'm pretty sure we've been friends forever.

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Our week as the cool kids {KIA Soul review}

by Tyler, editor and reviewer Like everyone under the age of 20, my daughter loves the KIA Soul.  The dancing hamsters, the toasters, the “you can go with this or you can go with that” commercials, and most of all, the car itself. Have no idea what I’m talking about?  This YouTube video should help … Read more

Our Week of Adventure {KIA Sportage Review}

by Tyler, editor and reviewer After having so much fun trying out the KIA Optima last fall, we jumped at the chance to try out the KIA Sportage CUV {compact utility vehicle} earlier this month through STI – The Drive Experience Company.  Since we don’t have an SUV or CUV in our family, we were … Read more

The Children’s Place holiday 2012 preview NYC event

We love The Children’s Place and are very lucky to be surrounded by numerous store locations so we can pop in frequently to see what’s new for the season.  But, this year I got a bit of a sneak peak of the holiday line while in BlogHer and it was adorable. 

The Children’s Place holiday preview was one of the many NYC events hosted by the amazing Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends.  The event took place in the heart of midtown at the historic Bryant Park Hotel and just a short walk from the BlogHer convention. 

Children's Place Bloggers
Liz from A Nut in a Nutshell, Xenia from Thanks, Mail Carrier, and me. We were THERE! TOGETHER!

Coming in from a hot and humid day on the streets of New York, when we arrived on the Momtrends suite level, it made it immediately feel a few dozen degrees cooler.  With “snow” drifts and winter clothing meeting us at the door, it was as if we stepped right inside a large snowglobe full of cute – with an amazing view of the city.

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Zutano Introduces ZUTANOBLUE at Target NYC event

Baby clothing sure has come a long way in the past 20 years.  When I was a tot, there was pastel pink or blue or, if you didn’t know whether you were expecting a boy or girl, you got muted yellow and green.  But now baby clothing comes in every color of the rainbow and in styles I can’t help but swoon over. 

It would be hard to pinpoint exactly when the switch to fashionably fun children’s wear happened, but my guess it was right around the time Zutano hit the market and turned the pastel baby clothing market on its head.  Just look at some of these adorable goodies from their collection.  Feel free to swoon, I’ll wait. 

Zutano Clothing
Almost makes me want another little one.  Almost.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Momtrends and Project Nursery, I recently spent some time with the wonderful people behind the Zutano brand at BlogHer and was amazed at how nice and personable they all are.    

We met up at the famous FAO Schwarz in NYC and had a delicious catered dinner from Tacombi.  While we ate, we learned a little bit about the company, why it started, and what its vision was – in the beginning and looking forward.  We even got to see the Zutano bicycle that founder Michael Belenky used to hand-deliver orders from all over the city.

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Back to school with Lands’ End and Momtrends NYC event

Recently, I went back to school with 200+ bloggers while at BlogHer.  While we did load buses, take class pictures, and get report cards, this was a very different kind of school than you’re used to.  For one, this school was co-run by two of our favorite brands, Lands' End and Momtrends, and passing grades meant you got an adorable backpack to take home.

Liz, Xenia, Leanne
As usual, I got straight As.  But this time I can give some credit to the instructors who all did a wonderful job of teaching their “course” and for their very, very lax grading system that seemed to be mostly based off of attendance.

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Our Week In The Future {Kia Optima Hybrid Review}

by Tyler, editor and reviewer Last week I was spoiled by STI – The Drive Experience Company.  While I am currently driving the newest car I have ever owned {a spry 18 years old} I really don’t spend a lot of time in newer cars.  But, this last week I was lucky enough to drive … Read more

Friday – BlogHer’11 in San Diego recap day 2

Since Thursday night was a little bit crazy {*ahem, Clever Girls Collective*} I started off the day with some friends by the pool and then I was off to the newly opened BlogHer expo hall.  After that, I met some new and old friends for a beautiful lunch at the Marriott.  We talked about gardening, … Read more

Thursday – BlogHer’11 San Diego recap day 1

Having gotten into San Diego at 11pm on Wednesday instead of the 1pm we should have arrived, I was happy my Thursday BlogHer events started out slowly.  We started off the day at the P&G Life Well Lived event that included some really amazing speakers, a nice brunch, and a really good opportunity to chat … Read more