The Children’s Place holiday 2012 preview NYC event

We love The Children’s Place and are very lucky to be surrounded by numerous store locations so we can pop in frequently to see what’s new for the season.  But, this year I got a bit of a sneak peak of the holiday line while in BlogHer and it was adorable. 

The Children’s Place holiday preview was one of the many NYC events hosted by the amazing Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends.  The event took place in the heart of midtown at the historic Bryant Park Hotel and just a short walk from the BlogHer convention. 

Children's Place Bloggers
Liz from A Nut in a Nutshell, Xenia from Thanks, Mail Carrier, and me. We were THERE! TOGETHER!

Coming in from a hot and humid day on the streets of New York, when we arrived on the Momtrends suite level, it made it immediately feel a few dozen degrees cooler.  With “snow” drifts and winter clothing meeting us at the door, it was as if we stepped right inside a large snowglobe full of cute – with an amazing view of the city.

But, as gorgeous as the view was both in and out of the suite, what was really cool was how the party was laid out.  Instead of having racks of clothing, stiff and formal mannequins, or glossy posters with the new collections, we got to see the clothing the way it was intended – running around the party on a bunch of super cute children. 

Since this wasn’t a formal event with table, chairs, and itineraries, bloggers mingled around the suite and oohed and aahed over all the new styles while the kid models, wiggled, giggled and generally were adorable.  Also in attendance at the party was The Children’s Place designer, Michael Giannelli who explained how he spots a trend, makes it kid-friendly, and then brings it to life in The Children’s Place line.

While there were quite a few fall and winter items from The Children’s Place that I’m really looking forward to, their hats and accessories this year kept grabbing my attention.  I mean, just look at all this cute – doesn’t my son simply need all these hats? 

The Children's Place Hats
And all these sparkles!  Seriously, my daughter would love these.  Okay, even I would wear some of them…

The Children's Place Necklaces
Be sure and check out all the adorable new winter and holiday items from The Children’s Place that will be arriving in stores nationwide.  While you wait for your local store to stock all these hats and accessories so you can buy them for my kids, check out The Children’s Place on Facebook and on Twitter

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  1. Look at those good lookin’ bloggers – love this pic!
    Also, you’re totally right. Those hats are MADE for your little guy… and your daughter NEEDS all that sparkle!


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