Skineez Skincarewear is Shape Wear and So Much More

I’m lucky that I’ve grown up in an age that has never had to wear corsets.  Beyond the standard slips, camisoles and regular undergarments, my generation has been fortunate that shape wear is not a daily requirement.  But above that, we are very lucky that the shape wear we do have is nothing like what our parents and grandparents wore. 
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In fact, some of it is even {gasp} comfortable.

This summer, I was introduced to a brand called SKINEEZ Skincarewear and unlike traditional shape wear, it does more than just support and slim, it actually cares for your skin.  Skineez calls themselves Skincarewear because it’s the only shape wear that is infused with skincare ingredients that help tighten, tone and smooth while you wear them.

As someone who has been through two pregnancies and is just now shedding those extra baby pounds, I knew going into it Skineez wasn’t going to be a miracle cure.  I knew it wasn’t going to give me back my tight abs and pre-pregnancy body, but I also thought it couldn’t hurt, either.

Since comfort is my thing, I decided that I wouldn’t be able to do something like a waist cincher or anything heftier than a light shaper so I went with some Skineez shorts that would be good under dresses.  I figured that way they would be practical all summer long and even through the fall as skirts are my normal attire.

Skineez shape wear
But, once the shorts arrived and I slipped them on, I realized how soft and comfortable they were and knew they would be useful for far more than wearing with skirts.  They could easily be worn under pants and dresses, or even alone as workout gear and would be a great way to pamper your skin on a daily basis or while you get in shape.

While they are just a light shaper and I didn’t look 15lbs lighter nor did I look like a super model, I did love how great did at smoothing and shaping and how they didn’t make me hot and uncomfortable.  Even though I didn’t look like the models on their ads, I still felt good in them and loved how my skin felt even after I took them off.

Skineez sprayThanks to a bunch of stuff I have no idea about like micro-crystals infused with anti-aging and moisturizing agents like retinol, red algae extract, caffeine, shea butter and Vitamin E, the best way to describe it is that Skineez feels like a luxurious lotion, but without the greasy feeling.  Their garments come pre-infused but they will last through 10 washes, which is why I love that they include their Skineez Slimming Spray with every purchase so you can re-infuse right at home. 

I’m still not sold on shape wear on a daily basis, but I do love that when I have a special event or I’m going on a bike ride, I can easily slip on my Skineez and reap the benefits even after I’ve taken them off.  There’s very little pampering in my daily life these days, so even such a small thing is actually quite nice and it makes wearing shape wear far more easy to justify.

Whether or not you typically wear shape wear, I bet you can think of a few dozen places you wouldn’t mind wearing Skineez to.  From working out to dressing up and everywhere in between, I’m sure you will find Skineez that would be perfect for you – from thigh shapers, panties, shorts, leggings, tights, tops, and even exercise bras, Skineez has you covered.  You can check them all out at and shop directly from their site as well as in-store at Macy's and more.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Skineez for sending a sample to facilitate this review.  As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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