Lee Jeans rocked at BlogHer ‘13 Chicago

If anyone out there has never been to BlogHer before, you’d probably think it was ridiculous how much people obsess about clothing beforehand. I am along the lines of “if it fits” and I’m definitely in the minority at a big blogging conference like BlogHer. It’s not that I think those that plan way ahead are silly {I mean, there are literally thousands of socially connected women with cameras at the ready}, but high fashion has never really been my forte.

Really, I’m just a jeans a t-shirt kind of gal… unless it’s scorching hot, and then I’m a skirt and tank top kind of gal. And, this year there was so much talk of how hot Chicago is in the summer that jeans seemed a little silly. In fact, I almost turned down the chance to try out a pair of new Lee Jeans thinking that they would just be taking up space in my bag and I would never get a chance to wear them.

Thank goodness I didn’t turn down a brand spanking new pair of Lee Jeans, because Chicago turned out to be freezing in comparison to our Seattle summer this year. I wore a dress exactly one day of my 7 day trip, and was freezing that entire day. As for the rest of the time? I was rocking my Lee jeans and loving it. Lee Jeans in ChicagoI wore my Lees with flip flops, wore them with sneakers, and wore them with my favorite new accessory – my Tieks by Gavrieli foldable ballet flats with the bright blue soles. I wore Lee jeans to a wine tasting, a dinner with one of my favorite brands, a boat cruise, a BlogHer session, and a whole bunch of private parties. 9NU2X5

This is me with Xenia from Thanks Mail Carrier {left} and Liz from A Nut In A Nutshell {right} at the Sheraton Social Hour that kicked off BlogHer. The strangers thing was a joke, I'm pretty sure we've been friends forever.

Lee Jeans for BlogHerAnd, then when BlogHer ended and I started my two day train trip home, I wore my second pair of Lee jeans I got at the Seattle Lee Find Your Fit Style Party all the way home.

Who out there isn’t familiar with Lee Jeans? Since 1889 they have been creating denim for both working in and playing in, and to this day they are still one of the first brands people think of when they think jeans.

And, these days they are my new best friend as I require long inseam jeans and Lee Jeans are one of the only brands out there that offers long length jeans at reasonable prices. While Lee doesn’t have a huge selection of long length jeans, they had enough so I could choose between a few fits and styles to find one that best suited me, and I was very grateful for that.

I ended up going with Lee Slender Secret Ivy Bootcut jeans in size long. With 98% cotton and 2% Spandex, they had the perfect amount of stretch without becoming so loose over the course of the conference that I would need two belts to hold them up, but yet were still comfortable for all day wear. I especially love that the dark indigo wash was perfect for dressing either up or down depending on the event, which saved me the time it would have taken to change clothes between day and night.

3402732_front_lg 3402732_back_lg
• Overall Fit: Close

• Rise: Lower on the waist (9 7/8")
• Leg: Bootcut (18 1/2")
• Closure: Button, Zip-Fly
• Number of Pockets: 5
• Back Pocket Style: Embellished, Flap, Detailed Stitching, Button

Lee Jeans was the brand of choice for the Noise Girls who made it to BlogHer this year. Just look at how cute 3/4 of the Noise Girls BlogHer bunch {plus an adorable baby} was at the Sheraton in Chicago. We should have taken a better picture but we were handing cameras to strangers in order to make this picture happen.
Noise Girls in Lee Jeans
Yes, that's Kerri {AKA The Maven} and Lindsay {of Laughing Lindsay fame}. And, see that little baby looking a little concerned about how he got stuck in a Noise Girls picture? He's going to be getting these adorable little Lee Dungarees {below} from my son when they get too small. But, for now I will enjoy matching my son in Lees.
Lee Dungarees
Start shopping at Lee.com to see their whole line of jeans, khakis, shorts, capris, jackets and more. Or, if you're out school shopping, be sure to stop at a Lee display in your local mall… for you OR the kids. They have a ton of styles available for dressy or casual and stretchy "yoga pant" fits or more traditional cuts that can flatter anyone.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to Lee for sending some jeans for me to rock at BlogHer this year. As always, all opinions remain 100% ours.

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