Disney’s Planes races into theaters on Friday

Disney's Planes
Are you super excited about Disney’s new movie, Planes? We were counting down the days to the Seattle press screening with the excitement that you only see at Christmastime. But, with a son that is fascinated with all types of transportation, a movie about planes is just about as cool as a film can get. And, it was made even better by the promise of not only planes but also both cars AND trains in the 92 minute film.

Planes is a spin-off of Disney’s Cars movies, and I will admit it set my expectations high for the new film. But, even from the opening sequence my kids were speechless as they watched the 3D action on the big screen. I know there’s some diehard Cars fans out there, so don’t shoot me for this, but I actually think Planes was better than the Cars series. Yeah, I was surprised, too.

I won’t ruin the film for you with spoilers, but I will tell you my favorite things from the new film:

  1. The main character, Dusty Crophopper {voice of Dane Cook} is a loveable and a genuinely nice guy.  So many characters go from through a transformation from arrogant to humble and it was really refreshing to see a character full of heart from the beginning of the film that gets rewarded for his generosity.
  2. The planes! I’m a big fan of air shows and plane races, so I love that Disney made a fun animated film for plane-lovers.
  3. The film gets right into the action and has an easy-to-follow plot that is great for even small kids as well as being entertaining for adults.
  4. The supporting characters. Planes features the talents of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, John Cleese, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, and Brad Garrett as a mix of fun and lively characters that helped make the show entertaining and heartfelt. 
  5. Geography tie-ins.  My kids are crazy into traveling, so I love that Planes put plane-inspired twists on landmarks and places that made them giggle with their friends.

Planes movie
opens in theaters nationwide on Friday
. Find out more about the film at http://movies.disney.com/planes/. To help you get ready for this high-flying adventure, you can check out Disney.com’s FlewTube that has activities, clips, and bonus content!

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Leanne Signature 2We got to attend a Seattle prescreening of Planes with other media outlets. As always, all opinions remain 100% ours.

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