BikeGlow Safety Light {Review & Coupon Code}

Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 37 Riding bikes has long been one of our favorite outdoor activities, both before and after we had kids.  It really is one of the best ways to spend a day together and give you the best mix of conversation, exercise, and adventure.  But, one thing that has … Read more

Road ID: Safety Bracelets with Style

Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 8 With warm weather and outdoor adventures on the horizon, we’ve been talking a lot about the best gear for parents and kids.  But, you can’t talk playing hard without talking about safety, so I am excited to introduce you to our newest rave-worthy product to keep you … Read more

PlasmaCar Ride-On

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 45 There are many things children outgrow very fast in the first few years of life, such as clothes, shoes, and baby toys, but I really believe that there are some things that should last for years.  For instance, ride on toys. In just a short amount of time our … Read more

KaZAM Balance Bike

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 30 Riding a two-wheeler is a huge milestone in a child’s life and one that puts fear into the hearts of most parents.  That’s why we do crazy things like keep them on tricycles for longer than we should and adding training wheels to their big bikes.  My husband even … Read more

Whirl Balance Scooter from Prince Lionheart

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 11 When I was young, all the kids in my neighborhood got together and created an impressive inter-city transportation system that we spent all summer perfecting.  We had a series of two lane roads, one highway, and even a "country road" that led us around our made up city.  Included … Read more

Basil Stylish Bicycle Bags

If you’ve ever done a search for bicycle pannier bags you know how limited the selection is.  If you’ve got a cruiser bicycle or a bike that requires a bit more style and sophistication than the sporty selections available at most bike shops, I am going to save you a few hours of research and … Read more

Bones Bicycle Rack by Saris Cycling Group

When my wife and I first got our bicycles, we had a lot of our friends laughing at us.  Not for the fact that we were riding, but because our bikes were so different.  She on her Electra Townie, and me on my full suspension mountain bike, we definitely turned a few heads.  After a … Read more

Earthmate PN-40 GPS by DeLorme – Geocaching, anyone?

Most people hear GPS and the first thing they think of is dash-mounted vehicle units to help guide you in the car.  I’m here to talk with you about GPS when your method of travel is by bike, foot and car.  The DeLorme Earthmate series handheld GPS are perfect for hiking, biking, boating and more, but … Read more

Chariot SideCarrier Bicycle Trailer – Enter to Win $1,500 Prize Pack

I am scared to death of motorcycles, but if someone offered me a ride in their motorcycle sidecar, I would take them up on it without hesitation. There is something incredibly cool about sidecars and we all know that coolness always trumps fear.  When I found Chariot Bicycle Carriers made a SideCarrier for bicycles similar … Read more

Nutcase Helmets and Little Nutty Helmets Review

Little Nutty, Lotta Safe If you were to guess what my least favorite thing about biking would be, what would you guess?  No, it’s not spandex, there’s no law forcing me to wear that.  What I really, really dislike are the helmets.  I’m sure we can all agree that no one likes wearing helmets.  We … Read more