Smart sleep with Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

We received a Sleeptracker to review, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% ours. We want everyone to experience smart sleep with a Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker.

Hey, you look tired. Yeah, you.

I see you, new parents who are barely holding it together. And you, parents whose older kids just refuse to sleep at reasonable times. You too, pandemic anxiety fighters that haven’t slept through the night for most of this year. Extra sympathy to you, essential workers who haven’t had a day off in…. forever.

To all of you tossing and turning, I get it. I also totally understand those that are slipping behind and wondering just how bad it is to stay up that extra hour and get things done, every day, every week.

So, how bad is it to lose an hour or more of sleep each night?

The good news? It won’t kill you. At least not right away from what I can gather. But, it can definitely lead to a whole host of issues that you definitely don’t want. From extra stress to holding to excess weight, and of course, immune suppression, lack of sleep can wreak havoc on a body.

So, what’s a tired soul to do? Put your sleep on autopilot, that’s what. With the new Tempur-Pedic® Sleeptracker®, AI does the work for you, and you just sleep right through it. And that, my friends, is exactly the amount of energy I had to spend.

I’ve had “sleep trackers” in the past that I had to clip on or wear all night long. And, they were more trouble than they were worth. Forget to tell it you’re sleeping, and the data is ridiculously bad. It can’t tell if you’re light sleeping, in REM stage, or just about anything. It basically just counts the hours you told it you were sleeping and then tells you how much you were moving. Not much you can do with that, huh?

But the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker is anything but troublesome. You basically set it and forget it – until it sends you your information-rich report every single morning all on its own. Yes, it is *that easy*.

How to get smart sleep with the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

Simply download the Sleeptracker app on your iPhone or Android device to get started. Then you place the Sleeptracker sensors below your mattress on the box spring or bed base, plug them in, and connect to Wi-Fi and the app. This will allow you to receive personalized sleep insights right in the easy-to-use app as well as by email each morning.

smart sleep with Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

That’s it. Nothing to wear, nothing to update, and nothing to get in the way of your best night’s rest. You will then receive minute-by-minute snapshots of your sleep which you can delve into as much as you want.

How the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker will change your life

That might sound rather extreme, but it really isn’t. You know how much better you feel when you get a good night’s sleep? What about if you got that every single night and knew just what environment led to the deepest and most restful sleep? It would be pretty amazing, right?

smart sleep with Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

Well, that’s what the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker does. Their unique sleep coaching gives you tips in an easy-to-use app that helps guide you to deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. The sleep coach is AI based and is super easy to use and allows for up to two individual users per bed. It helps you {and you partner} understand your sleep better, improve your sleep environment, and ultimately, get you better and more restful sleep each night.

I knew I was going to love having a sleep tracker, but what I didn’t know was how much I needed a sleep tracker. It turns out, my thermostat was keeping my room too warm for good sleep. It’s also turns out that the humidity is really high in my bedroom, which honestly shocked me. And, it told me with certainty that the air purity was good {thanks, air purifier}, and CO2 levels were also great {thanks, FirstAlert}. If any of these are off {as mine were}, the app teaches you the most desirable ranges so you can make adjustments to help improve your sleep.

smart sleep with Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

Truly smart sleep with Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

Want an honestly smart bed? Well, then you need a Sleeptracker. Not only does it seamlessly connect to the Tempur-Pedic Ergo Smart Base adjustable bed frames to improve your sleep, if it catches you snoring it can adjust the bed *automagically* to raise your head to reduce snoring. Yes, you read that right. We haven’t tried this feature yet on our Ergo Motion adjustable bed, but I love that it’s an option.

smart sleep with Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

If that’s too much “smart” for you, but you want a smart bed that can talk to your assistant, you will love that it connects to Google Home. Simply use Hey Google to connect with your smart home and use voice commands to hear your sleep score, coaching tips, and more.

Don’t have a smart base, or even a great mattress? That’s fine! The Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker is compatible with nearly any standard mattress, box spring, foundation, or base set. But, pair the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker with a Tempur-Pedic mattress and that’s when the magic happens. Ours is the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze and it’s amazing.

smart sleep with Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker

Ready to get smart sleep with Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker?

You can buy the Sleeptracker for $299 here and learn more about the tracker, the motion bases, the mattresses, and their range of pillows at Tempur-Pedic.

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