Raycop Go UV+ portable sanitizer

We were sent a Raycop Go UV+ portable sanitizer to use and love. All opinions are 100% ours, and all scientific studies were taken from the Raycop website.

Raycop Go UV+ portable sanitizer

These days we’re all thinking more about how clean the things we touch really are. We know we should sanitize surfaces and we have been washing our hands properly, even before it was cool to do so. But, what about all those soft surfaces or items that can’t get wet? How do you clean those?

Well, you get Raycop, obviously. Raycop makes an entire line of UV sanitizing machines that can clean your soft surfaces, including their new Raycop GO UV+ portable sanitizer.

Yes, portable. As in, perfect for all of your adventures. It comes in a case, even!

Raycop Go UV+ portable sanitizer

Raycop GO UV+ is a portable sanitizer you can take with you

The Raycop Go is the industry’s first cordless and portable UVC vacuum for home and away. It is an easy-to-use, go-anywhere, sanitize anything, portable vacuum and UVC appliance. The same UVC technology that hospitals use to eradicate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and dust mites from both hard and soft surfaces is now available to go.

It all comes packaged in a hard sided case that nests each piece of the Raycop Go and accessories. Simply snap it together when you need it and use it on just about everything – from couches and upholstery to hard floors and carpets. When you’re done, just disassemble and nest the pieces back in and it’s ready for storage.

Raycop Go UV+ portable sanitizer

Travel friendly UVC vacuum

Of course, you can absolutely use the Raycop Go at home. But, on the go is where it really shines. Use it in RV’s, hotel rooms, mobile homes, trains, planes, boats, offices, dorm rooms and vacation rentals so you can escape as safely as possible. 

If you’ve ever wondered what’s really on upholstered furniture or mattresses, do yourself a favor and don’t look into it. Just trust the EPA findings that a single mattress may be home to as many as 10 million dust mites and a multitude of bacteria and viruses. And, that’s one that is used in a single home with only one family. Yuck, right?

But, with the Raycop Go you can sanitize everything from cell phones to luggage, bedding and hard surfaces using safe and effective UVC light technology. Having it handy gives you piece of mind you just can’t get with a simple vacuum or a simple cleaning spray.

Raycop Go UV+ portable sanitizer

RayClean Technology for allergy sufferers

Raycop’s patented RayClean Technology® was developed by a medical doctor to improve the quality of life for allergy sufferers without the use of medication. The entire filtration system for the GO is washable, including the HEPA filter. The filter collects and traps fine dust – keeping those allergens out of the air and making life easier for those with allergies.

The combination of UV light technology, light suction, and pulsating pads in RayClean Technology® extract potentially harmful microorganisms. All of these together can sanitize your home surfaces and make your whole home feel not only cleaner, but safer, too. It sounds like wizardry, but it really it true.

With 9 inches of sanitizing width, it has a bacteria extraction of 99.99% after 2 secs and house dust extraction of over 90% in 3 mins. 

If you are one of the millions where allergies and asthma are a concern for you, the Raycop Go is the perfect solution for how to clean items that cannot be laundered and keep your whole family healthy – at home or away. 

Ready to get a Raycop Go UV+ portable sanitizer?

All RAYCOP products can now be purchased via the RAYCOP online shop, and can ship directly to your home just in time for the holidays.

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