10 reasons to try a Soothe in-home massage for yourself

Thank you to Soothe for providing a couples massage so we could try out the service. No other compensation was received for this Rave Review, I just wanted to share about our Soothe in-home massage.Soothe in home massageI have a really hard time relaxing. There’s something in me that just can’t relax and let go, and I found that out quickly during a year of physical therapy after a bad car accident in 2010. I remember the first PT appointment where the therapist would coax me to relax this muscle or that. It turns out I am all but incapable of isolating muscles and relaxing or tensing them without help. There was a whole lot of laughing that happened that year as I would struggle with even the easiest instructions and my therapist would say “don’t you even know how to relax?”

Knowing this about myself, I avoid the typical relaxing things other moms always rave about. The idea of going to a spa scares me, and I’ve been known to let an embarrassing number of massage gift certificates expire or change hands thanks to a busy schedule, lack of childcare, and an overwhelming fear of having to relax in a place filled with strangers. Go ahead and laugh if you want, I know it sounds silly. But, part of the problem was the fear of not being able to relax that effectively prevented me from fully relaxing. It’s a vicious, yet silly, cycle.

Having heard this backstory, it won’t be surprising that up until last week, I had never had a “real” massage in my life. Yes, I had one of those 10-minute mall massages as part of the Northgate Mother’s Day event while my kids played next to me, but that was it. Even after my bad car accident in 2010 I was never prescribed massage, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I went in knowing nothing about the process and what to expect, with a lot of fear and worry that now seems unfounded.

So, what made me finally change my mind and agree to try out a massage after all these years of avoiding one? Soothe offered something I didn’t even know existed – the option to relax where I am already comfortable – at home. Soothe app in home

Having the massage at home immediately got rid of so many roadblocks I had built up. I no longer had to worry about traffic to and from the massage, or planning a babysitter, and then travel time around the appointment. Since you can schedule your massage with as little as one hour notice, it really is as easy as realizing you have some spare time and hopping on the app.

I decided that for my first massage, I was going to schedule a couples appointment. It was originally going to be an anniversary surprise, but since it involved meshing schedules I ended up telling him ahead of time and I figured that way he could customize his massage the way he wanted. Since I was such a newbie, I appreciated that I could research options for my appointment on either Soothe.com or the Soothe app.

Once it’s booked you will get a confirmation, and then at your appointment time a therapist will arrive at your door with a massage table, fresh linens, lotions, oils, and music to ensure a relaxing massage. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your massage. Soothe massage in home

Now you might think I would be nervous about having some unknown people come over to my house, which of course I was. But, knowing all the Soothe massage therapists are all licensed and fully vetted professionals allowed me to trust that I was getting the best and most qualified people. Of all that apply to be Soothe therapists only about 1/3 of applicants are accepted on to the Soothe network, so you know you are getting the best of the best in your area. Unlike these guys, who are most definitely not certified in anything other than being goofs. Soothe faux massage

Also unlike these guys, Donica and Steven were extremely professional and helped us tailor the massages to our likes and dislikes. I was so worried that I was going to be super jumpy since I’m beyond ticklish, but Donica did an amazing job of actually getting me to put my fears aside and relax for a bit. After experiencing a Soothe massage, I’m definitely a believer. I don’t remember the last time I actually felt relaxed for any length of time, but I still feel less stressed and am in a better mood a week later, as well as feeling like I’m sleeping better at night. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is!

You probably are already pretty sold on the health benefits of massage, like boosting mood and energy levels as well as helping sharpen focus and reduce stress and anxiety, but why not have your massage come to you from now on?

There are so many reasons why it makes sense for your massage to come to you, and these are just a few of those reasons.

  1. Never leave the comfort of home. It’s like online shopping where you never have to put on makeup or change out of your pajamas – only even better because it’s all relaxing and you don’t receive 8 packages of things you don’t really need 4 days later.
  2. No stress. Because Soothe comes to you, it takes away all the stress of a typical massage for a busy mama. No rushing to a spa and hoping for no traffic, and then getting to your massage and having to switch gears to relaxation, and then as soon as the massage is over heading out to fight traffic to get home or to other events.
  3. No childcare necessary. With Soothe, I can book a massage and then send the kids upstairs to play or to bed while I get to relax. I hate the process of securing a sitter, dropping off the kids, and then the inevitable 45-minute pickup that always happens when the kids beg to finish whatever movie they are watching. By cutting out a babysitter, I saved myself a good hour and half, and the kids were thrilled that they got to have a special movie night treat.
  4. Relax on your schedule. No need to call the spa and toss dates around until one works out – simply order your massage right on Soothe.com or the Soothe app whenever it works for you. This gives you the ultimate freedom in relaxation.Soothe in home massage
  5. They make it easy on newbies. The app and website are a wealth of information, including a great FAQ section that walks you through booking and planning for your massage, both of which I should have checked out prior to my appointment. Thankfully, no one laughed at all when I came out for the massage in yoga pants and shirt, and the therapist just explained that part of the best parts of massage was the skin-to-skin contact. Who knew? Luckily Soothe therapists are trained to properly drape your body to protect your modesty and theirs so you can dress down to your level of comfort without worry.
  6. You control the environment. I hate certain scents and I’m allergic to muzac, so I love that I can turn on my own music, have my favorite scents, and even pick my temperature preferences at an in-home massage. Do you relax to heavy metal music? Great, choose that for your massage. If you don’t have a preference or favorite relaxing band, your therapist should be able to choose something for you.
  7. No cash necessary. Since everything is handled on the app, including tipping, you don’t need to stop by the bank before the massage. Anytime I don’t have to stop at the bank I consider it a pretty big win.
  8. Keep that relaxed feeling as long as possible. After the massage is through, the therapist will take care of cleaning up and hauling out the table and you can simply stumble over to a couch, a comfy chair, or even a bed and revel in the relaxation.
  9. Soothe isn’t just for home use. Schedule a five- massage at a hotel, office, or your event in as little as an hour. What better way to celebrate an anniversary at a hotel or a big win at work?
  10. No excuses. Even the busiest of us has time for a Soothe massage, I promise. And, since the busiest of us probably needs the massage the most, this is a very good thing. Regular massage can have a significant positive impact on your overall health and well-being, and massage is also clinically proven to reduce anxiety levels and promote relaxation. When you have a hectic schedule, it can be incredibly hard to relax {trust me, I get it}. So, find an hour somewhere in your month for Soothe. I promise you won’t regret it.

Soothe couples massage

To schedule a Soothe in-home massage

You can schedule a Soothe massage from soothe.com or on the Soothe app. A one-hour massage costs $99, a 90-minute massage costs $139, and a two-hour massage costs $169. Don’t stress if Soothe isn’t near you just yet – they are constantly expanding, so check back frequently.

Want to gift a Soothe in-home massage this holiday season? You’re in luck, because they have great gifting options! The sell E-Gift Cards, Physical Gift Cards, and awesome Gift Sets for the holidays, so you can pick whatever option you feel your recipient will love most. I love Soothe’s Calm. Cleanse. Cure. Holiday Gift Set that features Sootherapy Healing Bath Salts plus a Massage Card (in 2 denominations). The gift set retails for $180 and $230 at soothe.comSoothe massage gift box

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  1. This sounds amazing! With two special needs kids, babysitters are very much out of the question. I’d love to put them to bed and finally relax!


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