Summertime magic with Creativity for Kids

Thank you to Faber-Castell for sending some art kits to keep the kids entertained this summer. No form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review about Summertime magic with Creativity for Kids.

Magic beans on plantSummer of magic

If I was giving this summer a name, it would most definitely be the summer of magic. All things Harry Potter are huge in our house, the kids spend their time creating magic potions and obsessing over magic stones, sticks, and other random “magical” objects, and everything we do is looked at through a lens of magic. It makes perfect sense that the kids should also be growing their own magic beans and creating a magic unicorn land, right?Magic bean plant

Creativity for Kids: Magic Bean Garden

The kit for growing your own magic bean garden feels shockingly light, but rest assured that it comes with every single thing you need to grow your own magic beans except for the water and sunshine. The set includes a planter, colored garden stones, potting mix, paint, paint brush and 3 double-sided magic message beans – just add water!Magic Bean Garden Kit

The kids opened the Magic Bean Garden kit from Creativity for Kids eagerly and then immediately decided which bean would be their special pod they would plant. They talked about what each bean meant to them, made their wishes silently to themselves, and were all ready to get to work planting. Magic Beans package

Getting started

We started by decorating our planter with the included bright acrylic paints. While it was drying, we prepared our beans for planting. Simply add the potting mix {don’t worry if it seems dried out and light – it should!} and then make a wish and plant your magic message beans. Water well to activate the potting mix, and then sprinkle the colored garden stones on top to complete your magical garden.Magic beans plant

Within a week we were growing magical “Sword Beans” that shed their outer core to reveal magic messages engraved on the pods. The kids were so excited to have their beans shed that they tried to encourage the outer shell to come off, but I assured them that the instructions said to leave them be and they would revel all on their own. Magic Beans luckyWhen the first pod was revealed, the kids were crazy excited. I don’t know if they had fully grasped the idea that the plants would literally be displaying their wishes in the leaves of the plant, but once they realized it, they were over the moon happy.Magic bean plant with kids

Luckily for all of us busy parents, the magic bean plant is easy to care for simply by placing in a bright window. If you would like {and if the weather is warm enough for it}, you can transplant your plant to your garden to grow even larger. Ours is about three feet tall right now, excluding the tiny vines that the bean plant uses to attach itself to walls, growing structures and more. Magic bean plant leavesIt’s still in the pot that came with the set, but we’ve debated putting it out in the fairy garden for even more magic growing. While the beans themselves aren’t edible, watching the plant grow has been magical enough for my crew. Magic bean garden package

Creativity for Kids: Rainbow Sandland

My kids are always trying to talk me into spending tons of money so they can make sand art at the fair. And every time I think about dropping $50 on sand art that I have to cart around all day long, I just can’t do it. So, sadly, my kids have been very deprived of the joy of sand art their entire lives.

But, not anymore they aren’t! Thanks to Creativity for Kids, there’s now a sand art kit you can do right from home that has all the fun of the fair, without all the cost and hassle. The Rainbow Sandland from Creativity for Kids comes with everything you need to create your own sandland that is fit for a unicorn.

Creativity for Kids sandland

Why we love it

The very best thing about the kit is that after you have layered your sand just the way you would like it, you add in the formed foam piece to the top and it secures your art piece. Naturally, one of the huge drawbacks of having sand art in the bedrooms is the idea that someone could easily knock it over to become a huge sandy mess. But, the Rainbow Sandland solves this problem by giving the top piece to prevent spills as well as to keep your design from shaking up. Faber-Castell calls this “less mess, more fun”, and I couldn’t agree more. Rainbow Sandland

After you have added the foam piece, simply place the rest of your stickers and accessories on top of the foam piece. Get as creative as you’d like – and even move around the accessories depending on your mood. That’s it, your very own Rainbow Sandland is ready for display and for playing. Rainbow Sandland 2

For more great art kit for kids, visit the Faber-Castell website. With a range of products all the way from preschool to artist, there’s a few kits for everyone! Order yourself some summertime magic with Creativity for Kids.

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