Are 4DX movies worth it?

We were given complimentary tickets to the screening of The Lion King to facilitate this post. All opinions and thoughts about whether 4DX movies are worth it are 100% ours. 4DX signAs you may remember, we saw our first 4DX movie last month when we got to see Toy Story 4 at Regal Meridian Theater in Seattle. Then, this week, we got to see The Lion King in 4DX at Regal Meridian. As with Toy Story 4, The Lion King was nothing short of amazing. Seeing the cinematography in brilliant detail while enjoying all that 4DX adds to the movie-going experience was incredible, and we were blown away.

Since we’ve been talking about the movies a lot and sharing on social media, I’ve gotten tons of questions about whether or not the 4DX experience is worth it. I get it; the cost of 4DX is higher than a traditional movie, which can already be pricey, especially when you’re buying tickets for a family. I get that you want to know what you’re getting before you commit to purchase.

So, the answer as to whether or not 4DX is worth it is…. it depends.

Are 4DX movies worth it: how to decide

If you are someone who loves rides like Soarin’ Over California at Disneyland and would spend time waiting in line to experience it, a 4DX movie is worth it and then some. Imagine if Soarin’ lasted for 90+ minutes and you never had to wait in line – that is what a 4DX movie is like. For you, the fact that that “ride” essentially lasts the whole movie and you never have to wait in line makes the 4DX an easy choice over other ride experiences that you get to enjoy for 1/120th of the time you spend waiting for them. Plus, you get to see a brand new movie that just arrived in theaters at the same time – triple win!

If you are someone who looks for experiences over “things”, you will understand that going to a 4DX movie is unlike any other movie experience you could possibly find. We’re talking rumble seats, all sorts of motions that correspond to the film, vibrations, actual water sprays, wind, simulated snow, lightning effects, scents, and tons of additions that enhance the visuals on-screen. Each 4DX auditorium has motion-based seating synchronized with more than 20 different effects {all optimized by a team of skilled editors to maximize the feeling of immersion within the movie} and the result is an all-immersive movie that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.  For that reason, the 4DX movie is more than worth it. The cost is much less than live theater, but it has the same audience interaction and fun that comes from being part of the action.

If you are someone that typically foregoes the movie theater altogether and waits for titles to come out on DVD, well, then it depends on whether or not the 4DX will be worth it. If you skip the theater only because your home movie room or living room is only a few notches below the theater and that can’t make you justify the cost, then *maybe* it’s worth it. The addition of the 4DX action makes your living room or media room seem like watching a movie on your cellphone while also multitasking at home. The 4DX feels like you are truly *in* the movie. The two experiences aren’t even kind of comparable, and for that, it might be easier to justify the cost and make it feel worth it to splurge on a 4DX movie.

If you are someone who gets motion sickness easily and worry that you might hate the 4DX movie, it might not be worth it. If that’s the case, you might want to see if you can ask your theater to help you decide before you can make the decision to attend a screening. For what it’s worth, I *do* get motion sickness and so does my husband, but we both really enjoyed the 4DX screenings we’ve attended. But, if your motion sickness is severe or you are really worried, the 4DX might not be worth it for you and you should stick with the RPX.

If you are someone who has been waiting for a certain movie forever and it is finally coming out in theaters so you’re looking for a way to celebrate, 4DX was made for you. There’s no other movie screening that you could possibly find that takes you more inside the movie, and there’s no better way to celebrate a new movie finally being released. Whether you are splurging on an entire family pack of tickets or you are taking a special date, 4DX really makes the movie going memorable and that makes it more than worth it.

Want to find out more about 4DX movies?

Watch this video that breaks down how it all works!


Where to find your nearest 4DX theater:

4DX Theaters in North America

Regal LA Live                                         USA (Los Angeles, CA)

CGV Buena Park                                   USA (Buena Park, CA)

Cinepolis Pico Rivera                          USA (Pico Rivera, CA)

Cinepolis Vista Pointe                        USA (Vista, CA)

Edwards Mira Mesa                           USA (San Diego, CA)

Regal, Union Square                          USA (New York, NY)

Regal Pointe Orlando                         USA (Orlando, FL)

Regal Avenues 20- Jacksonville      USA (Jacksonville, FL)

Regal Hollywood Naples                   USA (Hollywood, FL)

Regal Seattle Meridian                      USA (Seattle, WA)

Edwards Houston Marq*e               USA (Houston, TX)

Regal Warrington Crossing              USA (Warrington, PA)

Regal UA King Of Prussia                  USA (Philadelphia, PA)

Regal Gallery Place                             USA (Washington, DC)

Marcus Gurnee Mills Cinema         USA (Gurnee, IL)

Regal Moore Warren                         USA (Moore, OK)

Regal Stonecrest at Piper Glen      USA (Charlotte, NC)

Regal Cinemas Opry Mills                 USA (Nashville, TN)

Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18               USA (Knoxville, TN)

Regal Cinemas Red Rock                   USA (Las Vegas, NV)

Cineplex Cinema Yonge-Dundas    CANADA (Toronto, ON)

What do you think? Are 4DX movies worth it?


10 thoughts on “Are 4DX movies worth it?”

  1. No it is not worth it. I want to watch movies not be in it. The jostling, water sprays, air puffs to mimic being shot at, and the smoke machines blocking half of the movie screen. Worst movie experience of my life. Unless you want to pay to be taken out of the movie viewing experience by the constant chair throwing you around.

    • It sucks if it isn’t in 3d as well. I didn’t feel like being immersed into the movie, but ,rather, just annoyed with it. Make sure the movie is in 3d as well to make it worth the money. If the movie isn’t available in 3d then it won’t be 3d in the 4DX theatre.

    • I agree! First thing shot water in my face and popcorn. Couldn’t see because my glasses were very wet. I’m 68 years old and have been to the doctor twice because of my back that was injured from almost being thrown out of my chair. No do not go to 4D unless you like pain and to waste money.

  2. It is not at all a good experience.I felt the movements were like experiencing turbulence while flying. Not at all worth.Would love to watch movie in the Nirmal way.

  3. It sucks if it isn’t in 3d as well. I didn’t feel like being immersed into the movie, but ,rather, just annoyed with it. Make sure the movie is in 3d as well to make it worth the money. If the movie isn’t available in 3d then it won’t be 3d in the 4DX theatre.


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