Slime-making fun with WeCool

Glitzi slime stretching Slime-making fun with WeCoolWhen the slime craze first started, I had no idea how big it would get. I guess I assumed that once everyone had made slime a few times, it would lose its novelty. Oh boy, was I wrong. This is the look I got when we tried out some slime-making fun with WeCool.
The thing about slime is that there is seemingly endless ways to make it, and to personalize it just for you, which is why we’re now years into the craze with no signs of slowing down. Speaking of endless ways to make it, the amazing new selection of slime toys and activities from WeCool has something for everyone. Sometimes glittery, sometimes crunchy, but always squishy, stretchy and colorful, WeCool really knows how slime is done. Glitzi slime in hands Slime-making fun with WeCool

Slime-making fun with WeCool

Whether you go with a kit to help you make slime from basic ingredients or you buy it pre-made and ready to play, there’s tons of  WeCool slime toys and accessories to choose from. From buckets of slime to entertain a large group all the way to slime you can personalize with your own mix ins and colors, there’s really no wrong way to slime with WeCool. Mix and Match slime Slime-making fun with WeCool
My favorite WeCool products are the Mix & Mash sets that are like a hybrid of the make your own and pre-mixed sets. While fully pre-made, they allow you to personalize the mix ins, mash the colors, and create something that is all your own – without all the mess and time commitment of making your own from scratch. Mix and Mash slime up closeThe Mix & Mash sets can even be used with large groups since the project is relatively clean and easy to manage.  My kids loved the mix ins that were included in the Mix & Mash sets, and how it added another level of fun to their slime. Mix and Mash pink slime
For smaller groups, I would recommend the Mini Makin Station that allows you to create your own slime and then package your creations into small containers. Still relatively easy for a small group, but lots of fun for everyone. Glitzi slime playing

Pre-made slime

If you are running short on time and just want the slime to play with, no mixing and mashing required, I would recommend the tubs of Glitzi. Because you can simply open a tub, play with it, and then seal it up when you’re done, it makes slime play incredibly easy and so much fun. Glitzi slime with kid
While I really enjoy the mixing of slime and how it becomes a project for the kids that entertains them for long stretches of time, sometimes you just want a fun and easy activity that you can pull out at a moments’ notice, and that’s when Glitzi shines. Mix and Mash slime playing
Whether your kiddos are slime officianados or they simply dabble in their spare time, you are sure to make them happy with some of the newest products from WeCool.
Mix and Mash slime stretching
Check out even more amazing ways to entertain kids of all ages this summer at KidSource Products. From outdoor active products to toys that are perfect for one on one play or quiet time, there’s a wide selection of products for every age and stage. Get ready for some slime-making fun with WeCool!

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