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You may have noticed a new logo on the sidebar announcing my ambassadorship with Corolle dolls. With two doll loving kids at home, you can probably imagine the excitement upon finding out that we would get a chance to review a collection of new Corolle items this fall and winter.

But, before we get to the new products and how much I love their dolls and accessories, I should explain why this ambassadorship means so much to me. Corolle is a brand that I grew up with, playing with their baby dolls in my early childhood and then later collecting them as a young girl. I always dreamed of one day sharing this love of Corolle with my children and was thrilled when they gravitated towards the brand with no outside influence at all, and even more excited that they became such amazing fans themselves.

What started as a love of a company that made me nostalgic for childhood has shaped my own children’s childhood. It used to be that when I picked up a Corolle doll, I would remember all those nights spent hugging my baby dolls in bed, but now my children’s memories are forever intertwined with my own, and that sweet vanilla scent takes me back to both time periods simultaneously.

Kids with Corolle

My daughter’s very first doll was a Corolle baby, and to this day, that doll holds a very special place in all of our hearts. It was that special baby swaddled in a Corolle doll stroller that finally encouraged her to walk after months and months of urging. The next step was going to be physical therapy and then mere days after we welcomed her doll home, we canceled our appointment.

Corolle was there for first steps, the birth of our second child, our first ER trip, every family vacation, the first day at a new school, and every big life event for either child. And, now many of my daily snuggles with the kids include Corolle dolls {jokingly referred to as “three generation snuggles”}, so I get plenty of time to enjoy the Corolle scent each day.

Girl with Lila Corolle doll
It’s this reason that whenever someone I know is having a baby, I always recommend Corolle dolls as the perfect first baby doll. With a wide range of both soft bodied and poseable dolls of different sizes, you are sure to find the perfect doll for your child’s age and stage.

Corolle Dolls Collage

Want to find out more about the amazing collection of Corolle dolls? Head over to to read about all the little details that go into making a best friend or check them out at a retailer near you. And, be sure to interact with Corolle on Twitter and Facebook

Leanne Signature 2Thank you to Corolle dolls for inviting me to be an ambassador. As always, all opinions are 100% ours. Because you can't possibly fake
these kinds of smiles.

4 thoughts on “Corolle dolls for every age & stage”

  1. I am totally there with you on the dolls from when I was young. I broke my femur bone at four and spent three very long months in a body cast. My babies were my friends and made for great company while I couldn’t walk and play. Congrats on your ambassadorship!

  2. My daughter loves dolls and has been eyeing the Corolle dolls for quite a while at our local toy shop. We’re hoping to get her one for Christmas this year. Congrats on the ambassadorship!

  3. Oh my! I love these dolls! My son is actually starting to show interest in babies and in dolls. With a little girl on the way, I will definitely have more of a reason to get one (or two or three)!


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