Immerse yourself in the movie with 4DX screenings

4DX theater in SeattleAfter having watched a movie now in 4DX, the world of theaters is forever changed for me. Even after having read the press releases about 4DX movies, I still didn’t fully grasp what it truly was until I got to experience one for myself this weekend with the release of “Toy Story 4”. We sat down in our seats and immediately were blown away with the range of motion, the special effects, and the technology that allows the theater to immerse you fully within the movie from start to credits.

If I were in charge of marketing for 4DX movies, I would use this slogan:

“4DX movies: whatever you think it is, it is more”

And, it truly is “more” in every sense of the word. It’s more entertaining, more fun, and a whole lot more of an experience than just going to the theater. These seats may *look* like traditional movie seats, but they are so much “more”.

4DX movie seats

Going in, I knew that 4DX offered moviegoers a more immersive and multi-sensory experience, but I guess I hadn’t fully grasped what that was or how it would integrate with the movie. But, what I soon found out was that 4DX movies are more like a Disneyland attraction than they are a traditional movie.

We’re talking rumble seats, all sorts of motions that correspond to the film, vibrations, actual water sprays, wind, simulated snow, lightning effects, scents, and all sorts of additions that enhance the visuals on-screen. Each 4DX auditorium has motion-based seating synchronized with more than 20 different effects {all optimized by a team of skilled editors to maximize the feeling of immersion within the movie}. The result feels more like a ride that you would stand in line for hours to ride and would be over in minutes. So, to not stand in line at all {4DX movies have pre-purchased seats so you don’t even need to save seats!} and to experience the action for a full-length movie felt like the best deal ever.4DX movie

Maybe it’s that I wasn’t expecting much because “Toy Story 4” is a kids’ title, and I guess I thought you should see a legitimate action movie to experience all that 4DX has to offer. Whatever it was, I was very, very wrong. There was so much “more” slipped into each and every scene in the movie that it felt like the film was as action-packed as you could get. Even rather benign scenes that had no action at all would utilize a really cool panning and multi-view angle that allowed you to feel like you were looking up or down or scanning the frame, depending on the scene.Toy Story 4 in 4DX

Toy Story 4-DX has motion and action around every corner with amazing 4DX scenes and moments in the film including:

  • Ride around in Bo Peep’s skunk mobile
  • Experience Duke’s daring stunts, free falls, and electrifying jumps all enhanced by 4DX pitch, heave and motion
  • Features high speed chases through amusement parks and playgrounds
  • Wind and bumpy vibration combine to simulate the rough terrain and high-powered acceleration
  • Ride features high level motion and subtle motion with great use of wind effects
  • Tons of atmospheric effects used
  • Real rain water effect enhances some key moments!
  • Smell the flowers with 4DX’s signature ‘flower scent’ that is used in some key sequences

4DX signHonestly, we were all blown away by all the cool additions to the movie that we came out of the theater amped up like we had just ridden roller coasters for over an hour. Whereas I’ve gotten in the habit of skipping the theater entirely and waiting until the DVD release, I think 4DX was just what I needed to re-ignite my love of theaters. It’s the “more” that I crave when I’m forking our money for a movie ticket, and the 4DX experience delivers that in such a fun and exciting way.

More than 570 Hollywood and local titles have been screened in 4DX. To date, more than 70,000 4DX seats operate in 590 auditoriums, spanning 61 countries. There are 22 theaters in the US and Canada, listed below.

4DX Theaters

Regal LA Live                                         USA (Los Angeles, CA)

CGV Buena Park                                   USA (Buena Park, CA)

Cinepolis Pico Rivera                          USA (Pico Rivera, CA)

Cinepolis Vista Pointe                        USA (Vista, CA)

Edwards Mira Mesa                           USA (San Diego, CA)

Regal, Union Square                          USA (New York, NY)

Regal Pointe Orlando                         USA (Orlando, FL)

Regal Avenues 20- Jacksonville      USA (Jacksonville, FL)

Regal Hollywood Naples                   USA (Hollywood, FL)

Regal Seattle Meridian                      USA (Seattle, WA)

Edwards Houston Marq*e               USA (Houston, TX)

Regal Warrington Crossing              USA (Warrington, PA)

Regal UA King Of Prussia                  USA (Philadelphia, PA)

Regal Gallery Place                             USA (Washington, DC)

Marcus Gurnee Mills Cinema         USA (Gurnee, IL)

Regal Moore Warren                         USA (Moore, OK)

Regal Stonecrest at Piper Glen      USA (Charlotte, NC)

Regal Cinemas Opry Mills                 USA (Nashville, TN)

Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18               USA (Knoxville, TN)

Regal Cinemas Red Rock                   USA (Las Vegas, NV)

Cineplex Cinema Yonge-Dundas    CANADA (Toronto, ON)

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