Explore, engage, and experience the new Xfinity store at Bellevue Square, WA

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Comcast, but all thoughts and opinions of the new Xfinity store at Bellevue Square WA remain ours. RR XFinity StoreAfter months of waiting, we’re super excited that the new Xfinity store is now open at Bellevue Square! This new store offers a truly unique experience, inviting customers to explore their products, interact with the brand, and learn about what’s new with all the latest Xfinity products and services.

RR XFinity desk Bellevue SquareNew Xfinity store at Bellevue Square, WA

We got to preview it last week and we loved how it changes the ways you can connect with the Xfinity brand into a more immersive experience that is anything but yet another errand to run. They call it a premier Xfinity store, and it definitely lives up to its name.

Located in a main hub of the community on Bellevue Way Northeast where Red Robin used to be, this 8,400 square foot store is the perfect spot for hanging out and seeing all the newest in high tech home accessories, mobile devices, and so much more. This new store is one of only two Comcast premier stores in the United States {the other is at their headquarters in Philadelphia}, so we’re really excited that the Bellevue premier store is just minutes from home.RR XFinity Store on tabletSome of us might be a little *too* excited for the store opening. My crew quickly made themselves fully at home during our visit last week, trying out everything on display, cozy-ing up on the couches, and each one finding a favorite device that kept them busy for well over an hour.

RR XFinity Bellevue RemoteAs you can imagine, it was difficult to get these kids moving from the store after they had experienced what it was like having full run of the space for a few hours. Who can blame them, though? With wi-fi, televisions playing their every whim {with voice command, no less!}, and all sorts of electronics just waiting for them to play with, it was hard for *me* to leave. RR XFinity kids on phones

Bellevue Xfinity Premier Store

Not just another drop off location or place to pay your bill, although they do have those services readily available to customers who need to make a quick trip, this new store is an all-immersive experience. Giving customers a place to explore, engage and experience the brand is all about changing the customer experience and having a positive connection with the Xfinity brand.

Featuring a six-foot tall video wall, flat screen TVs and Comcast’s Xfinity X1 with voice remote integrated Netflix and Amazon Prime Video content, and all sorts of technology that you can try out in store, it’s easy to make yourself at home and stay awhile. You can learn about Xfinity internet speeds, Xfinity Voice service and their full home security system and smart home system that you can customize how you like. RR Xfinity Mobile Bellevue, WA

Exploring the new Xfinity store at Bellevue Square, WA 

The Bellevue premier location is laid out with the customer journey in mind, where a central aisle leads customers straight down the middle of the store into various shopping zones. In lieu of a greeter desk by the door, guests are welcomed in to explore the store and can check-in with any consultant upon arrival. They can help direct you within the store, make an appointment, troubleshoot your devices, or teach you about new products and services. Or, if you prefer to wander, you are welcome to do that, too.

RR XFinity Store front centerTo the left you will find two main mobile segments, one for iOs and the other for Android. In each you can try out the newest mobile devices, see accessories to complement your phone, and learn more about their mobile service options as well as a handy savings calculator that helps you figure out how much you can save by using Wi-Fi coverage.

RR XFinity Mobile Bellevue Premier StoreThe X1 Entertainment Zone is on the right side of the store, where you will find a relaxed living room set up with a big screen TV for X1 demonstrations. Play with the voice remote, browse their On-Demand library with Netflix, Pandora and more all integrated. RR XFinity Bellevue WAThe Internet Zone is where you can see all the newest xFi features, including the xFi Advanced Gateway. You can demo the services, see how to have more visibility and control over your Wi-Fi, learn how to do parental controls, find out how to pause the internet, and see device usage at a glance for all your many devices.

You will find Xfinity Home towards the back of the store in their Connected Home Zone. This is where you can see the benefits of home security, try out new smart home products, and see how Xfinity brings them all together for whole home coverage with connected lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, smart plugs, and more.RR XFinity Home

There’s even a Business Zone for business owners to come to find solutions for all their ever-changing needs with Comcast Business. It is located in the left rear of the store in quiet area so businesses can relax and learn about all the products.

As I said before, Comcast knows that not everyone has hours they can spend in the store learning about their products, so they have thoughtfully created areas where you can stop in and get immediate service. For those who are really short on time, there are quick box drops and Express Pay kiosks for customers to do a quick transaction or pay their bill without having to wait in line.

RR XFinity Express Pay Bellevue, WA

The Integration Zone is also in the rear of the store and shows how all the Xfinity products work together in a full technology solution. You can see how easily their products integrate with each other, learn how you can enhance services you are already using, and see all the amazing possibilities you can create when you combine products to cover all your technology needs. You will also find retail merchandise that complements all these services, like Xfinity Home accessories, HDMI cords, home phones and more.

Experience the store

I wouldn’t have thought that spending time in an Xfinity store could be so enjoyable, but the new store was so much fun to explore. By pushing the boundaries of what you can expect from a telecommunications company into something of a respite from traditional retail, it gives customers and potential customers a chance to connect with the brand and see how all their services work together to provide a seamless solution to all your connectivity needs.

By creating an environment that is fun and comfortable to come and spend time in, as well as adding touches like the Instagram-ready mural created by a local Seattle artist, a community table with built in chargers, couches all ready for lounging, and even a place to catch a few minutes of a big game or stop in for a community event, Xfinity is well on its way to transforming the company into a lifestyle brand that gives its customers a truly positive experience in retail.RR XFinity Entertainment

The Xfinity premier store is open 7 days a week: Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Make a day of it and head back inside Bellevue Square or visit the sky-bridge connected Lincoln Center with all sorts of activities and shopping, or you can head down the hill to The Bravern shopping center. These areas are are known as The Bellevue Collection and are all part of one of the largest shopping areas in the PNW. With so many amazing restaurants in close proximity, you can find just about any cuisine you are looking for in whatever atmosphere you prefer and then you can explore the Bellevue Collection on foot.

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