Matching Girls Monday – matching mother and daughter dresses

Girls in matching dresses RR

I had no idea that JC Penney had matching mother and daughter dresses until I happened upon the display this past May. I was so excited that the girls and I ran around the displays seeing which styles came in our sizes. Sadly, most of the sizes were pretty picked through, especially in the little sizes, but we found cute little strappy black and white polka dot dresses and knew we had to have them. JC Penney Dress RR

I was just about to leave the section when I realized that an entirely different brand made a dress in women’s sizes that matched almost exactly, and it fit me a whole lot better than the strappy one. The girls both agreed that they matched well enough, even being different brands, and we bought the three dresses just in time for a little spring self-photo-shoot. Girls in matching dresses 2

I am so happy that I got the girls’ dresses a bit big, because I’m so excited to wear these together for a few years and enjoy all this matchy-matching. The girls and I are all wearing Old Navy black capris under the dresses since it wasn’t super warm the day we shot these, and I kind of like the look of the dresses with leggings, which isn’t something I normally wear. While summer would have me shedding the capris entirely, it’s nice to know that we can wear the dresses well into fall by adding leggings underneath. Matching girls mama and baby RR

Matchy-match resources for your family

Want to know how I found all the matching clothing for my girls? It’s gotten easier through the years now that my girls are both in little girl sizes instead of straddling baby and toddler, too. But, for those mamas with multiple aged kids searching for matching clothes, you will want to check out The Complete Guide to Matching Clothing for Baby, Kids, and SiblingsThe Complete Guide to Matching CLothing for Baby Toddler Kids and Siblings

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