Meet Google’s Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen

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Sponsored postHave you heard of the Google Pixelbook and Pixelpen? If not, prepare to be blown away!

I’ve been in the market for a new laptop for roughly 2 1/2 years now, but it feels like decades. And, yet I still cannot commit. It’s not that there aren’t really great laptops that have hit the market that more than meet my requirements for Photoshop and video editing, it’s just that I’m well aware that we’re on the cusp of something huge. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and the future makes last year’s laptops look more than dated.

After checking out the new Google Pixelbook high performance Chromebook, I’m especially glad I waited. Case in point: the Pixelbook is the first laptop with the Google Assistant built in. From its ultra-thin design to its collection of apps, Pixelbook is beautifully versatile and effortlessly adapts to your lifestyle.

Peace of Mind

And because the Pixelbook is powered by Chrome OS, you’ll always have the latest security and software features. Because it auto updates and has auto-backup, all you need to do is provide the internet connection and it does the rest. As someone who basically never backs up my computer yet wakes up in a panic when I realize how I’m clearly living on the edge, this feature makes me incredibly excited.


And, it only gets better. Connect your wi-fi and allow Google Assistant to help you get more done faster and smarter on your Pixelbook. Google Assistant is easily accessible via the dedicated Google Assistant key on the keyboard, or by using the “Ok Google” wake word you’re already familiar with.

You can even access Google Assistant with the optional Pixelbook Pen to make your Pixelbook even more amazing. A smart stylus has been on my list for over a year now, but the new Pixelbook Pen is even cooler than I realized. This smart, responsive stylus is designed to enhance the way you work and play – simply press and hold the button, then tap the pen on Pixelbook’s screen to get help from your Assistant, as well as using it to enhance apps, user experience and more. Google Pixel 2

Beautifully versatile

At just 10.3mm, Pixelbook is Google’s thinnest laptop ever, with a lightweight aluminum construction that enhances portability. Since I’m traveling with my laptop quite a bit, this kind of lightweight is the kind that makes me swoon. Never again would I lug my beast of a laptop {circa 2010} with me on planes, trains and in automobiles, and I would instead switch out to the Pixelbook that weighs less than my Mom wallet.

And, speaking of versatile, the 360° touchscreen and 4-in-1 design will seamlessly adjust to whatever I’m doing with laptop, tablet, tent and entertainment modes. You can sketch or edit photos, stay productive with GSuite apps that Drive will automatically back up to your device, which lets you enjoy on-or-offline access to movies and TV shows with apps like Google Play Movies and YouTube Red.

Ready to go when you are

One of my biggest wishes for my next laptop is that it is fast-charging and ready to go at a moment’s notice. So, I love that Pixelbook is ready to go when you are; it starts up in under ten seconds, loads fast, and has a fast-charging, all-day battery that gives you up to ten hours of juice from a single charge {based on a mix of standby, web browsing and other use}.

Apps for work and play

Do more of what you love with apps including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Photos and more. You can always download your favorites from YouTube Red and Google Play Movies to enjoy even without Wi-Fi.

Save now

From 3/25 – 4/7 you can save $100 on the Google Pixelbook from Best Buy.

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