Seattle weekend trip: Semiahmoo by the sea

Semiahmoo skylineWith much of my childhood spent in Blaine, WA, I spent plenty of time at Birch Bay growing up. I’ve made a point to get my kids there a few times a year, but last month I was realizing we were well overdue. Since my kiddos love beaches of any kind, and Blaine holds such a special place in all of our hearts, we decided that a Semiahmoo weekend was definitely in order. Semiahmoo tower Semiahmoo water Semiahmoo boats 3So, earlier this month, we found a weekend that was supposed to be decent weather-wise, invited some family in the area to join us, and made the plans for some family time by the sea.
Semiahmoo waterSemiahmoo BuildingAs you can see, it was glorious. Beautiful blue skies, a little bit of warmth from the sun, and just enough breeze to remind you that you are literally surrounded by ocean. Semiahmoo stump walker
Semiahmoo stump walker
Semiahmoo stump walkerThe kids thrive in their natural beach habitat, and I love the feel of “getting away from it all” even though we’re only a few hours from home. So, we got there a bit early and let the kids explore at their own pace – picking up random sticks and rocks, creating elaborate story lines, and just generally enjoying our first full day at the ocean for the year {the nights spent freezing at Mukilteo and Edmonds beaches watching the sunset don’t count as “beach days”}.Semiahmoo kiddos 2
Semiahmoo kiddos 2
Semiahmoo kiddos 2I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but it was cold and more than a bit windy towards afternoon. We always have a small kite in our trunk, so I was happy I remembered to grab that before we headed out to explore. We enjoyed flying kites in the breezy sunshine for over an hour until we started to shiver from the cold wind off the water.  Semiahmoo kite 3
Semiahmoo kite 3
Semiahmoo kite 3
Semiahmoo kite 3My sister and her family also showed up with a kite she got her kiddo for a recent birthday, so we had dueling kites for a while. It was so windy that we didn’t let the little ones fly them alone, but they enjoyed holding the spool for us while we controlled them up in the air.
Semiahmoo kite 3Semiahmoo kite kiddo
Semiahmoo kite kiddoPro tip: If you do happen to forget your kite while you’re visiting, never fear because their on-site gift shop, Starfish, has a good selection of kites to choose from. Semiahmoo Starfish
Semiahmoo Starfish
Semiahmoo Starfish
Semiahmoo StarfishAll in all, it was a really awesome weekend. It was just enough sun and beach to make me really excited about spring, and in turn make me ecstatic about how fast summer is approaching. It feels like this year has flown by in a blur of obligations, and I’m so happy about the prospect of just being for a little while. Enjoying more of the little things, like rocks on a beach, sand in your toes, and kites in the air. And a whole lot more places like Semiahmoo.Semiahmoo resort
Semiahmoo resort
Semiahmoo resort
Semiahmoo beachWant to find out more about Semiahmoo? Visit the Semiahmoo Resort page and see all the things to do, events coming up, and check room, spa and golf packages.

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