Seattle: Juice Press is now open in University Village

Juice Press Russell Wilson Sponsored postHave you heard of Juice Press before? Chances are that if you’re from the East coast, you’ve probably heard of them many times. But, here on the West coast, there has been a void that was just waiting to be filled. Thanks to Russell Wilson, the Seahawks’ beloved quarterback, we finally filled that void.

During the media day last month we got to tour the Seattle store before its grand opening, and sample some drinks and food. Russell Wilson was also at that opening mingling and checking out the store with us. He talked about his favorite Juice Press products, why it was so important to him to bring Juice Press to Seattle, and he even made a smoothie to share with everyone. Juice Press Russell Wilson blendingI will admit that I would *probably* drink or eat most things that were handed to me by Russell Wilson, but I definitely wouldn’t rave about them later unless they were actually delicious. I’m happy to report that in addition to being handled by Russell himself, the smoothie was pretty amazing. Juice Press Russell Wilson 3We got to take a few bottles home of our favorite products we sampled and it was a very sad day when the bottles were all empty. There really was a product for everyone – those who have been juicing for years and can drink dark green earthy mixtures, those like me who prefer the sweeter green juices with vegetables, and those who like their juices to taste like smoothies and simple fruit concoctions. Juice Press products
More about Juice Press:

Juice Press is a NYC-based juicery on a mission to create the most trusted nutrition and wellness brand on the planet. Founded in 2010 with the vision of bringing a healthier, more transparent lifestyle platform to the market, Juice Press offers an expansive organic product line as well as a variety of lifestyle resources. Juice Press snacksIn the past 7 years, Juice Press has opened more than 70+ retail stores that offer their organic “grab and go” products. Each of their offerings have a purposefully short shelf-life to deliver customers a variety of fresh, nutrient dense products. Juice Press barsThey are the only juice chain that has a fully transparent super-kitchen open to the public for viewing. They say “our business is your business – we pride ourselves on our transparency”. During the Juice Press media day, I definitely felt that transparency was a big part of what they do. Juice Press media dayAt the event I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one interview with Marcus Antebi, the owner of Juice Press, and it was amazingly informative. I could have talked food with him for hours, and that’s not an exaggeration at all. The passion he had for real food, for quality ingredients, and specifically for Juice Press is truly contagious. We must have only had an uninterrupted 15 minutes or so, but it covered so much in that little time. Juice Press coolersI asked him some hard-hitting questions that stemmed from my history working in the food industry and he seemed to welcome the real questions and concerns. After listening to his thoughtful and well-thought out answers, I left seriously impressed with the care Juice Press takes to ensure all of its offerings are the best quality food you can buy.

Since the media day we’ve returned to the store to see it now that it’s opened. We had been dying to grab another smoothie, and it was a good opportunity to show our kids exactly where we met Russell Wilson. Tyler and Leanne with Russell WilsonI had to throw the obligatory selfie in somewhere in the post, and I figured I would save it for the end just so you wouldn’t stop reading as soon as you saw it. Yes, I know it’s awful. The lighting, the angles, everything. But, it also has me and Russell Wilson shoulder to shoulder, so it can’t be *that* bad. Okay, maybe it is.

But, seriously: stop into the Seattle store next time you’re in University Village in Seattle. You won’t regret it.

For more information about Juice Press, please visit and Instagram (@juicepress), Twitter (@juicepresstweet), and Facebook (@juicepressny).

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  1. You keep posting all these wondering things about Washington! It makes me want to visit! They do not have any cold-pressed juice shops here in my area of Florida. I love all the healthy options that Seattle Juice Press has to offer.


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