Classic design and creative play with Viking Toys

Viking toys castle play Sponsored postI love toys that inspire my kids to use their imaginations. So many toys these days have scripted storylines and built in backstories. I personally love it when my kids create the story, define the characters, and it’s an added bonus when they also have to build or construct something while they play.
Viking toys castle towerViking Toys is basically everything I hope for when shopping for toys. They have the ambiguous storyline and characters, and they even nail the construction aspect. Maybe this is because Viking Toys has been designing and manufacturing toys for over 30 years with the goal to make the highest quality toys possible.
Viking toys castle playing
Viking Toys is a Swedish company founded in 1974. They are the makers of those brightly colored and simply designed toys you find in specialty shops that just scream out European design.

Their toys are designed to be both fun and safe for kids from age 1-5 years, made with durable materials, rounded corners, soft rubber wheels and rust-proof steel axles. They know that kids explore using all of their senses, so Viking Toys are always BPA-free, phthalate free, and toxin free.
Viking toys trackViking Toys are made to withstand the roughest treatment, which is why the clean freak in me loves that their products are all dishwasher safe and designed to be easily cleaned. The homeowner in me loves that the soft rubber wheels are quiet and won’t scratch our wooden floors.

But, the mom in me loves that all of the kids can happily play with the Viking Toys range together. We have kids at our house regularly from the age of 1 all the way up to 10, and they all love Viking Toys. Viking toys police stationYes, even the 10-year-olds in my life all still love the Viking Toys. I almost moved the toys upstairs so the little one could play with them and set them up in the bedroom, but because these little toys were so popular, they haven’t moved from the living room since they were opened. They have actually saved my sanity on so many mornings as they keep the kids that I watch in the morning happy while we finish up our morning rush, and it keeps them excited to come over and play each afternoon. Viking tracksMaybe it’s the irresistibly bright colors or the timeless Swedish design, but these toys are kid magnets. Whether the child is more keen on castles or farms, there is something for everyone in the Viking Toys collection. Viking toys fighting firesLet them become the town fireman or police officer. Let them move themselves into the castle and set up a home. Or just let them go on a long winding drive with their favorite car. No matter what your little one wants to be, the only limit is their own imagination. With cars and vehicles in different sizes, DIY roadways, large playsets, waterways, and interactive parking garages and buildings, Viking Toys allows you to design and construct your own little town. Viking toys peek a booVIKING’S FIVE S’s
SAFE – Viking Toys are safe for even the youngest child.
SOFT – Viking Toys have smooth round designs and are made of soft, virgin plastic.
STRONG – High quality plastic, strong axles and solid construction make our toys extremely durable.
SIMPLE – Viking Toys have a classic, timeless design.
SILENT – Soft rubber tires make our toys silent and prevent them from damaging floors and furniture.

Want to find out more about Viking Toys? Visit their Swedish site to read their history, their vision, and see their whole line. Want to buy in the States? Visit your local toys store, or you can order on Amazon.

Has your little one fallen in love with Viking Toys?

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  1. I have 2 little girls who would play with this all-day! They love imaginary play with figures. This looks like a quality, durable toy!


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