Give the gift of history with Felicity from American Girl

Matching Girls by American GirlSponsored postIt’s hard for me to picture Christmas time without American Girl. I vividly remember circling items in the American Girl catalog each year in my youth, then I remember shopping their online store with my nieces years later, and now I’m taking my own kids to the Seattle American Girl store for them to make their own AG wishlist.

While this year’s AG wishlist was admittedly long and lofty, there is one item on there that is non-negotiable: the Felicity Merriman doll that was just re-released this year. Felicity up closeThe Felicity Merriman doll was originally released in 1991, the fourth Historical Character of the American Girl Dolls. Felicity, a tomboy who loved horses and had a deep love of nature, represented the Revolutionary War period. Then in 2010, well before we were into our doll collection, American Girl announced that they would archive Felicity’s entire collection – the Felicity doll, her best friend Elizabeth, the Revolutionary War accessories and clothing, and the beloved baby sister, Polly. Felicity in hatHowever, Felicity’s books, the movie, and the mini dolls remained available for purchase, which is how my daughter fell in love. Felicity has been a beloved character ever since we watched the Felicity movie together and for years now my daughter has dreamt of someday owning a Felicity doll.

To her, Felicity’s introduction as part of the BeForever line was a very big deal. She started researching how to get her {only select AG stores carry Felicity, and Seattle unfortunately is not one of them}, she planned out where she would sleep {the wooden doll bed right beside the hutch that holds the doll-sized tea set}, and she put in a good word for also getting the impossible-to-find baby sister of Felicity. Felicity and sisterAs you can see, my daughter is nothing if not headstrong. And her plan is to have Felicity… and Polly. Side note: Polly, unfortunately, has not been re-released. Our acquiring Polly was mostly luck as we found someone less than 45 miles from home who was selling one. I think my daughter knew the plan was a grand one when she first dreamt is, but that has never scared her off before.

Honesty, Felicity herself would be proud of the way my daughter identified her goal and didn’t let things like “rare”, “exclusive”, or “archived” to get in the way of her dreams. Felicity would champion my daughter’s fight for what she wants, she would encourage her stubborn belief that Felicity will be hers, and she would definitely encourage her blindly going for her goals. Felicity tea partyNow that I think about it, Felicity is basically an older version of my daughter. Both with auburn hair and a fiercely independent spirit, and both with the propensity to be both brave and foolish – sometimes at the same time. Both are the eldest child in the family, with both a brother and a sister. Oh, and did I mention they both adore horses and the great outdoors, especially gardening? It’s clear to me that Felicity and my daughter are definitely kindred spirits.

The main way they differ is that my daughter loves everything girly, even though she often struggles, like Felicity does, to be ladylike. I think this is where the movie really resonated with her as a young girl, and became enthralled with tea parties and serving tea. She was constantly quoting the line, “I shall take no tea”, both when referring to actual tea as well as anything else she didn’t want for years. Felicity TeaI’m incredibly excited to wrap up Felicity {and Polly} for Christmas this year, but I cannot wait for the fun that will come when we really delve into her story together. I am so excited to re-read the books again and be immersed in Felicity’s life and times, and this time it’s going to be even more fun because this time around we’re going to enjoy them together. Felicity in box with presentsAs drawn to Felicity as my daughter has been from a very young age, I don’t think even she realizes just how much in common her and Felicity really have. I know she’s going to be blown away by all the similarities in their lives and character, and it’s going to make this time period in American history really come alive for her, just like it did for me all those years ago. Felicity and sister in cradleTo me, that is really what I’m wrapping up this Christmas. Not merely just a doll {or rather, dolls when you consider Polly}, but rather a bonding experience that will bring history alive right before her eyes in a way that modern dolls just can’t do. Is it wrong that I might be just as excited as my daughter when she finally opens her on Christmas Day?

What historical doll do you want to introduce your child to?

5 thoughts on “Give the gift of history with Felicity from American Girl”

  1. My girls have Molly & Emily, Felicity and Samantha & Nelly. I have Julie because of the name & we’re kind of the same era. 😉 We love AG and I wish they’d bring Molly back.

  2. Felicity is my favorite in the line. I’m very glad she was rereleased. I thought the old one would be better though and didn’t realize how beautiful/true to the original she was until you posted the pics.
    I didn’t even know Felicity had a baby sister. I do wish they’d republish all ge original books and not just three.


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