Matching Girls Monday: hello, summer!

Affiliate linksI remember the glorious summer days of my youth spent pedaling around the neighborhood from morning until night. Days spent running from house to house and only stopping home to eat and grab swimsuits. I’m trying to give my kids a similar summer, and that means little or no scheduling is going on. Gymboree dresses in grass 2Sports and activities are done for the season, and it’s just the kiddos, some neighborhood friends, and an occasional library day on the horizon. It all makes me ridiculously happy. Gymboree dresses matching girls 2

My hope is that they look back on these days and remember having no set schedule and no stress, with time to play in abundance.  Gymboree dresses on swingWe don’t really overschedule activities and sports as it is, but with three kids, those add up fast. I’m am, however, really guilty of planning too many playdates. This sumer, I’ve started cutting back on those that require us to get out of the house in the early hours of the day and those that require me to pack a carload of gear before we can leave. Because I shouldn’t be that stressed about fun, right?
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Want to know what my matching girls are wearing this week? The girls are rocking some cute little dresses we got at Gymboree last week, which have been perfect for playing in the neighborhood as well as a friend’s birthday party.  The Cold Shoulder Dress on the shorter side, so we added black shorts under the dress so they could do flips on the monkey bars without worry.Gymboree dressI also love the convertible top that can go from spaghetti straps to cold shoulder dress in moments just by adjusting the arm straps. It actually took me most of the day to notice that you could wear the dress differently just by adjusting the top ruffle. Gymboree dresses matching girls Admittedly, the cold shoulder look was a bit harder for the little one with her smaller frame. While my older was super happy to have an off-the-shoulder look, we ended up converting it back after a bit so she could play easier. Gymboree dresses standingMy girls are also rocking their white salt water sandals that have barely left their feet this summer during daylight hours. My little one calls them “shopping shoes” which is a reference to the fact that we went shopping for them and we continue to shop for them trying to find a pair in my size. Women’s 11 is a tough size, however. Sigh. I hope to track some down soon because it would be simply adorable to have mother daughter shoes that match all summer long.

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