Summer fun with DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free

I received the DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Friendship Activity Set from DreamWorks to facilitate this post. Some links may be affiliate links. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

My daughter is at the age where she loves getting lost in a book or a good series, and DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free was basically made for her. We don’t do much screentime here, but we had been looking for a good show we could watch in the evenings as a treat. We’re only a few episodes in, but we can already tell that the new Spirit Riding Free fits the bill perfectly.Spirit Riding FreeEven when we’re not watching the show together, we’ve been enjoying some really fun Spirit Riding Free fun during the day thanks to the awesome kit DreamWorks sent us this month. We’ve made friendship bracelets for her and her BFF, and we’ve started making an awesome Spirit-inspired frame for her favorite summertime picture.Spirit Riding Free setThe kit wasn’t just full of crafts, it also had information on the series, and was topped off with a Boomerang plush and Spirit book. As you can imagine, my daughter is in heaven when she opened the surprise package.
Spirit Riding Free Adventure BeginsWant to know a bit more about the new Spirit series? The series stars twelve-year-old Lucky Prescott, a girl who loves adventure, but has only been allowed to experience adventure through books. That is, until her father, and her aunt travel to their new home out west to Miradero. Everyone in the West rides horses, but she’s never been allowed to even sit on one. When she meets a majestic wild stallion she immediately feels a connection, both equally out of place in a strange, new world, but equally fierce and brave.

My daughter is currently devouring the book Spirit Riding Free: The Adventure Begins by Suzanne Selfors and it’s the perfect summertime book. I have had to beg her to put it down this week, so it’s safe to say it’s a good one. Spirit Riding Free BookWant more Spirit fun? There are tons of Spirit toys you can find on Amazon for your horse loving kiddos. My girl really wants the Breyer Spirit toys that are the perfect imaginative toy that they would play with over and over again.

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