Corolle dolls are adventure-ready

Sponsored postOur vacations almost always include water, which isn’t that surprising considering we’re literally surrounded by water here in the Pacific Northwest. The one problem with spending so much time at the beach and lake is that there are certain things that just aren’t water-friendly, like electronics and toys with small parts. Thank goodness that Corolle dolls, which are one of my kids absolute favorite toys, are water-ready and perfect for summertime fun.Corolle Dolls Bath BabySince the kids can’t go on vacation without bringing a baby, we love the soft bodied Bébé Bath Baby Dolls that can go in the water for playtime fun, and then go right into the bath with your kiddo when it’s time to wash up. Corolle in bathThe kiddos were crazy excited to get three new water babies this year, just in time for all of our adventures.Corolle dolls in Country VillageFor our first outing, the kiddos dressed them in some of our Corolle fashions and took them out for a family day at Country Village.Corolle siblingsI love that I didn’t have to worry about wayward water and mud taking out a favorite baby since my kids manage to find water and dirt everywhere we go. Even playground dirt doesn’t scare me.Corolle at the wheelFor vacation, you can simply add in some Corolle water and sand accessories and you have all the makings of all-day play and then awesome baby snuggles into the evening. Corolle flippers, rubber duckies, and more encourage your little one to put their faces in the water and learn the basics of swimming, which is why we’ve taken our beloved Bébé Bath Doll on vacation since 2011. Corolle water babiesAfter so many years of love, I am absolutely dreading the day that our Corolle babies no longer travel with us. Thankfully, I don’t see that stopping anytime soon now that all the kids share in the Corolle love. Corolle snorkellingFor now, I’m going to be really glad that even everyday adventures with my three are so much more exciting with their beloved babies by their side. I can relax knowing that a little bath can bring their beloved Bébé back to new should the worst happen.  Corolle sitting on bridgeThis little guy was especially excited about his new bath baby boy doll so he can actually take a baby out of the house again. He still has a crazy amount of love for his Calin Sky doll that has a place of honor in his room on his bed, but I admit that I’m paranoid we would lose him so he’s been designated a “house baby”. No new Calin Sky could ever be passed off as beloved “baby Knox”, so I just won’t take any chances.Corolle by lakeThe new Mon Premier Bébé Bath boy doll was the perfect solution for him and his propensity for active play, while still being super snuggly just like his Calin baby.Corolle BoyOf course, the girls also love their new babies that can handle all of their adventures, including days filled with shopping and play.   Corolle shoppingAs crazy at it may seem considering the love we have for Corolle, this was our little one’s first Corolle doll of her own. She no longer has to steal babies from her siblings, and for that we’re all so incredibly glad.Corolle on boat She even thought ahead and got herself a “doll sitter” for when she got tired of carrying around her doll during our day out. Smart girl, right?Corolle at parkFor more information on Bébé Bath Dolls and how to care for your Corolle babies, visit the Corolle site. You will see how they recommend washing, drying, or spot cleaning your specific doll and choose a baby that’s perfect for your adventures.Corolle hugsWant to find out more about Corolle dolls? Head over to to read about all the little details that go into making a best friend or check them out at a retailer near you. And, be sure to interact with Corolle on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. What a beautiful post!!! I love these wonderful memories they’re making with both their new and beloved Corolle babies!

  2. These are cute dolls and I would love to get one for my daughter! She would love to play with it for Summer!


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