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Mornings are not my favorite. They start with my “alarm” going off, which is still currently sleeping in the crib beside my bed, and they usually end with us all running across the field because, as usual, we are running late for school. With three kids to get moving, get dressed, and get fed and a shower for me that is non-negotiable, there are approximately a million things that can ruin our mornings. Kiddos in morningNot to mention this type of nonsense which may look adorable, but when you’re trying to get everyone to do what they need to do and all they want to do is snuggle and not get ready? Not so cute.

I’ve begun the process of simplifying our routine, by laying out outfits the night before and having lunches and breakfasts ready to go, but there was still one thing that was bound to bring about tears each morning: the hair styling.

There are a lot of things I like to encourage my kids to do for themselves, which is why the older two have been in charge of dressing, brushing teeth, and getting themselves breakfasts for years now. But for some reason, the hair problem was our weakness. And, it was a big weakness.

Watching her helplessly brush her hair is like one of those infomercials where they act like opening a cupboard is too difficult. Sure, it’s annoying, but I kind of get it. She just has too much hair. Not only is it insanely thick and full, it’s also way too long, which are both problems that are foreign to me with my baby-thin hair that can’t handle anything longer than shoulder length.

So, I asked her to cut it to a more manageable length. She agreed to cut it to her upper back, and I was so happy. But, then she decided she would go with a chin length bob so she could donate her hair and I was ecstatic. Hair donation pony tail

I wanted it cut, and in some ways I needed it cut. But, a bob just seemed so short. Seeing the hair come off in a ponytail to donate was a little sad. But, it’s just hair, right? It’ll grow back. Besides, look how cute the new ‘do is.Hair donation pony tail 2 I love this girl and her huge heart. I think it’s really cool that at an age when most girls are still in the me me me stage, she’s giving her beautiful hair to charity. It’s just too bad she looks 13 now. Sigh.

Are you thinking about donating your own locks? We found several places that could take hair donations by mail, as well a numerous salons that will handle the donation for you. We ended up going with Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which you can read more about here. With more more than 800,000 ponytails donated to date and 42,000 wigs, Pantene is giving back in a big way and we wanted to do what we could to help. PBLlandingpage_header_v2
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