New I SPY Adventure for the VTech InnoTab

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I grew up reading I SPY books and challenging myself and friends to find not only all the items listed on each brightly colored and vivid mini-scene, but also finding hidden gems in each picture. So, of course I was thrilled when my kiddos also fell for the books. We enjoy reading the I SPY books together numerous times a day and I love that I can stump them by choosing objects I’m not sure they will recognize by name or objects that can inspire a learning opportunity.

But sometimes? I wish they were old enough to read to themselves because I SPY books would be a great way to pass time while we’re traveling without having to pass the book back and forth from the front seat to the backseat with each new page.

That’s where our beloved VTech InnoTab 3S comes in. With the new I SPY Adventure game, now the kids can play I SPY wherever we go. Playing with InnoTab 2S

Not only does it have the classic look and find fun that the books do, but it also has many other ways to play. With 4 find, match and sort games to challenge little ones while practicing early reading skills and problem solving and 50 levels of play, there’s hours of fun packed into this little game cartridge

.I SPY adventure VTech game

Riddle Rush has you solving I SPY riddles by searching for objects, Pattern Quest is a more fast paced game that requires you to look and listen for a pattern and then find the object that completes it, Oops Hoops is a game where you figure out what objects have in common and sort them into hoops, and Adventure Box lets you unlock a treasure box full of I SPY objects and find matching pairs.

We tried out the game on a recent road trip to and from camping and it was a huge hit amongst all of us. I started us out by putting in the game and playing a few levels so I could get an idea of how to play, and really enjoyed how the game works with the touchscreen and button interface. Truth be told, I would have definitely gotten hooked and challenged myself to beat the highest level, but unsurprisingly, the game was taken from me almost immediately. 

Even though I could have easily distracted myself for hours by playing the game, what I love is that even my youngest is able to play all by himself. Normally he gets really frustrated with games that require too much dexterity or involve hitting a series of buttons fast enough to keep in the game, so I love that he is able to play untimed {and unstressful} games within the I SPY Adventure game.

I SPY adventure VTech game still

And, while the game does encourage reading and has many opportunities for learning, I also love that he can play without being required to read anything at all because the items to find also have pictures to help him know what he is looking for. This makes it much easier for him to play in instances when I’m driving or unable to assist him.


  • Teaches problem solving, matching, visual discrimination, logic and more!
  • 4 action-packed thinking games
  • 50 levels of play
  • Fun and classic I-Spy game play
  • Works with InnoTab, InnoTab 2/2S, InnoTab 3/3S
  • Best for ages: 4 to 7 Years

The new I SPY Adventure game retails for $24.99. You can find it in many retail locations as well as on the VTech site.  

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to Scholastic Media for sending a copy of I SPY Adventure to review. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. This brings back so many memories of the I Spy books I would order from the book fair at school. I love them so much and am hoping my kids take after me.


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