Seattle getaway: La Conner, Washington in the fall

I was talking to a Seattle resident a few weeks ago and I mentioned that I was taking a roadtrip to La Conner, WA  to sightsee. She admitted that she had never been further north than Lynnwood, and I don’t think I hid my shock very well. How could you possibly limit yourself to just the towns immediately surrounding Seattle and miss out on the rolling hills, farms, mountains, rivers, lakes and coastline north of us?

Situated on the delta near the mouth of the Skagit River, La Conner was founded in the early 1860’s and is Skagit County’s oldest community. It still has many ties to its early years and has all the charm of an old town, but with updated amenities and attractions that make it a family favorite. La Conner waterfrontWe usually make it to La Conner, Washington a few times a year, especially during the spring and summer. This is when we can enjoy walking down the main part of downtown without fear of rain, which means we actually get to spend a little time by the water enjoying the gorgeous scenery and a view of Rainbow Bridge. La Conner Rainbow BridgeBut this year we’ve held off visiting because there’s a very special shop we frequent that we needed to wait for. We wanted to wait until we knew whether we were expecting a boy or a girl before we visited Bears ‘N Friends, so we knew what kind of Steiff items we would be looking for. We finally got the news we would be shopping for a little girl, and we couldn’t wait to rush up to La Conner. Bears N FriendsWe spent the day stopping in antique stores, fun and funky shops, and even added a new favorite stop for our next La Conner trip: Bunnies By The Bay. One of La Conner’s best shops for kids, Bunnies By The Bay is a locally owned shop, but you have likely seen their large range of baby clothing, blankets, stuffies, and books in retail stores nationwide.

We ended up buying an adorable Cuddle Me kitty wrapped in a kitty printed blanket, which, funny enough is actually for my oldest. She fell in love with the kitty and I couldn’t tell her no when I saw how happy she was playing with it. And then the awesome clerk wrapped it up in the most adorable bag and ribbon with a carrot rattle and I thought my daughter’s head might explode from sheer excitement. Bunnies by the Bay packageThis carrot also came in handy for feeding the coin operated horse at Nasty Jack’s Antiques. Carrot from Bunnies by the Bay
Nasty Jacks La ConnerAfter we were done shopping, we headed to La Traviata Italian Restaurant for some delicious dinner. La Traviata Italian Restaurant La ConnerThen we pretended to be an ice cream tower. Of course.La Conner Ice Cream Tower
Things to do in La Conner, WA:

  1. Go for a walk. Download the La Conner Walking Map and take one of their designated paths to enjoy some sights.
  2. Do some shopping. Whether you are shopping for relics from the past, for your home, or for your family, there are lots of options on First Street alone, as well as the surrounding streets. La Conner shopping
  3. Visit during one of their many events in or near La Conner each month.
  4. Plan a weekend away. Stay awhile at one of La Conner’s adorable hotels and inns, or even try a B&B or RV park.  Don’t you want to pack your bags and stay here for a night or two?La Conner hotel
  5. Hug this dog. For some reason, my kiddos adore this dog and like to pretend to feed it treats, sit by it, and pose like it. This is a shot taken this year followed by one taken almost exactly 2 years ago. What crazy kids I have.La Conner dog La Conner dog 2012
    Have you been to La Conner, WA? What are your favorite places to visit when you go?

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4 thoughts on “Seattle getaway: La Conner, Washington in the fall”

  1. I’ve never been to LaConner, but it looks adorable! I am visiting Seattle next month and will definitely throw it on the must-see list!

  2. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest – it’s a place I’m always hoping to see. This LaConner looks like so much fun, especially for a family trip. Maybe I’ll get there one day. It’s just the kind of place that has things that atttract me. Thanks for the head’s up, and another item for my “bucket list”!

  3. A beautiful place for some family fun and adventure. I love the picture signs, those always make for some fun and silly pictures! The shopping looks like so much fun!


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