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We all want our daughters to grow up in a world where they are only limited by their own imaginations. Even in our fast-paced lifestyles, such a place still exists and it’s within the world of Groovy Girls. These colorful soft dolls are full of personality and spunk with a message to girls to be true to themselves.

This year the iconic Groovy Girls from Manhattan Toy Company are turning 16 and they are as big of a hit now as they were when they first arrived in toy stores all those years ago. In fact, Groovy Girls just won the prestigious Parents' Choice Award this year!

Groovy Girls in tentWhile I didn’t grow up playing with these adorable dolls myself, I must admit I’ve logged hours of playtime with Groovy Girls. Back when Groovy Girls were first introduced, I had two sweet nieces who were obsessed with the colorful and fun soft range of dolls and accessories. We spent tons of time setting up scenes and having tea parties as well as imagining elaborate scenarios for each of the individual dolls. So, when Groovy Girls caught my daughter’s eye a few years ago, I couldn’t have been happier.

With colorful and fun clothing, accessories, and even hairdos, Groovy Girls dolls each have a style all their own. Whether your little one bonds with a 70’s-loving free spirit or a pink-attired girly girl, they are sure to find a girl that is perfect for them. And, not only are the dolls fun to dress up and play with along with their various playsets and accessories, their soft bodies make them perfect snuggle friends when play time is over. Groovy Girls
Really, what more could a little girl want in a playmate? 

In honor of the Groovy Girls Sweet 16, we decided to throw a tea party for all my daughter’s little girlfriends at a local park. We had cookies, toys, dolls, crafts, and a whole lot of pink, which is just about every one of her favorite things. Happy 16th Groovy GirlsWe set up a few party stations for guests: the food table, the canopied tea party table, the craft table, and a rug for playing with the dolls set up with the Groovy Girls Royally Ritzy Bed, some clothing for the dolls, and the Totally Tentastic tent. Groovy Girls over shoulder
Groovy Girls three girlsThe younger kids loved the tea party and Groovy Girls play space the best, and enjoyed pouring "tea" for their doll friends and celebrating all things sweet and girly. Groovy Girls Pouring Tea Groovy Girls at tableThe older kids gravitated towards the craft table and loved the Design Your Own creativity kits from Groovy Girls. We chose the Groovy Girls Glam-It-Yourself Jewelry Box since we had such an age range and I knew the girls would be able to do the craft on their own if they would like. Plus, aren't they adorable? I have already heard from every single one of their moms letting me know how much the girls love their new personalized jewelry boxes. Groovy Girls arts and crafts
Girl with Groovy Girls jewelry boxWhile the day was all about girls, the boys that came with their sisters really loved the bed and the tent and spent the most time playing with those {after sneaking to the food table}. Groovy Girls boysEveryone, of course, loved the refreshments. Groovy Girls table with food

Groovy Girls three girls
At the end of the party, the girls each got to take home their favorite Groovy Girls doll as well as a special Sweet 16 swag bag full of Groovy Girl accessories. It was also perfect for taking home their handmade jewelry boxes and new special friend.

Happy Birthday from all the Groovy Girls in my life!Groovy Girls 16 BirthdayDo you have a Groovy Girls fan? Celebrate their Sweet 16 by throwing your own Groovy Girls party. With their Design Your Own kits and their awesome selection of toys that any girl would love to play with, you are certain to have a party that will be talked about for years.  Groovy Girls tea for twoWe only have a few precious years celebrating the innocence and wonder of childhood and Groovy Girls embody all those sweet and fun moments that I love most. Whether we are dressing them up, making up stories, or the kids are simply snuggling them to sleep, Groovy Girls have been a big part of our daily routine these past few months. I foresee a whole lot more groovy girlness in our future and wouldn't want it any other way.
Groovy Girls pouring tea with dollsIn honor of the Groovy Girls Sweet 16, The Manhattan Toy Company is introducing three Special Edition Sweet 16 Dolls {Skylar, Fuchsia, and Lilia} and four B “Core” dolls that start with the letter “B” {Brooklyn, Bailey, Bayani and Brenna}. Girls with Groovy Girls dollsYou can connect with The Manhattan Toy Company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you can shop online for your very own Groovy Girls and accessories.

Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to The Manhattan Toy Company for sending an assortment of Groovy Girls dolls and kits for our amazing Sweet 16 party. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. My daughter used to play with Groovy Girl dolls and I’m so happy they are now around for my grandbabies to play with!

  2. This is so sweet. My daughter just turned 5 and has begun to talk about having a tea party for her dolls. Yours was adorable!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious. This is the cutest party post I have read in such a long time! It was perfect! From your decorations, to the food, those beautiful dolls and creative box kits?! Seriously. I am pinning this to remember for a future birthday for my daughter! What a wonderful party! 🙂


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