AT&T helps you get fit with the Jawbone UP24 activity tracker

Earlier this month we attended an event hosted by AT&T at David Barton Gym in Bellevue, WA. Along with Seattle area tech, parenting and lifestyle bloggers and reporters, we got to test the newest wearable technology from Jawbone during a workout with one of the gym’s fitness trainers.

As excited as we were for the event, I must admit we spent a crazy amount of time right here in the entrance to the gym with its gorgeous wood detailing. David Barton Gym

Understandably, the kids decided this was most definitely a slide and happily slid down the wall dozens of times. I think this might happen a lot because we only got smiles from patrons and staff alike.   David Barton Gym slide
Once we finally made it past the front door, we made our way to the awesome children’s play area. After getting the kids started coloring and climbing with their friends, we were ready to find out all about the Jawbone UP24. David Barton Gym kids play areaWe made our way to our group to be fitted for a Jawbone UP24 tracker and then on to the workout part of the event. While I didn’t participate in the workout because I had thrown out my back the day prior and could barely walk at the time, what I saw was not child’s play.

I’ve been to hundreds of fitness classes in my day, but I’ve never seen a fitness session quite like what I witnessed last week. Their aim was definitely not to go lightly on our group as members of the media – they were going to show us how a real training session goes with lots of tips and tricks for getting each move exactly right while working the full range of muscles. Let me tell you, there were some very shocked faces as they finished the grueling workout.David Barton Gym workoutSo, how many calories do I think the participants burned in their hour long workout? Eight miiiilllllion calories… maybe more.

Or, if you prefer hard facts, they burnt roughly 700 calories. See, this is why I need an activity tracker. I know I’m very guilty of overestimating my activities and conveniently forgetting about stray calories, and that’s exactly what a Jawbone UP24 is for.

The first time I heard of activity trackers, I thought it sounded impossible. How on Earth could a tiny module tell your level of activity, much less your sleep? It turns out, those little activity trackers can tell a whole lot more than I thought they could. AT&T Jawbone UP24 bandsActivity tracker friends: Unite!

It may be high tech, but how it works is really quite simple. Once you pair the activity band to your smartphone via the iOS or Android app, you can see your whole day at a glance. Whether you are tracking your exercises, your sleep, or even your food intake, the Jawbone UP24 tells you just where you stand at all times. No sugar coating anything… you are either in target or you’re not.    Riding bikes with Jambox UP24Clearly, hubby is not on target for sleep as we can all agree 5 1/2 hours is too little. Right?
Jawbone UP24 sleep trackingAs cool as it is to know where you stand throughout the day in terms of exercise and activity, my favorite feature is that you can join your friends on the UP app by Jawbone. So, instead of going it alone and setting your own goals, you and your friends can challenge each other to do more, to go further, to be healthier. Also, you can brag about how well you function on such little sleep.

If you haven't been into an AT&T store recently, you are probably wondering what fitness has to do with cell phones, right? Well, AT&T is definitely more than cell phones these days and they carry a variety of wireless fitness accessories at its retail stores. The Jawbone UP24 is just one of the new wearable trackers to help you get fit and live healthier and it can work right along with your AT&T smartphone.

With obesity rates on the rise and nutrition taking a back seat these days, I love that there are things like the Jawbone UP24 that are giving us a better look into our health and seeing where we might be lacking. Combining these new technologies with a smartphone, something we all carry anyway, Jawbone and AT&T are making the union of technology and fitness even more seamless.

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Leanne Signature 2A big thank you to David Barton Gym, Jawbone, and AT&T for inviting us to the event and for offering an additional Jawbone tracker to one lucky reader. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

48 thoughts on “AT&T helps you get fit with the Jawbone UP24 activity tracker”

  1. My husband and I have recently started going to the gym again. I would like a method to know what I’m doing and how it’s “adding UP.” (I do not always feel like the machines at the gym are accurately assessing me.) Plus, it would be nice to have a method of tracking everything when I’m away from the gym as well.

  2. I like that it easily pairs with my android phone so this would make tracking things easier and well more “shameful” if I don’t do any activity

  3. I have a regular Jawbone, but I would love the 24 because it syncs wirelessly and would be a lot easier to do for me!

  4. My husband just started a walking program where he walks a few miles each day. This would really help him be able to keep track of his progress. This is such a great idea.

  5. I would love to have one of these. I am currently trying to loose weight after having a baby. I have been watching my calories closely but keeping track of my activity through out the day to keep me active would be even better!

  6. I think that keeping track of my daily activity would show me what I need to improve on and keep me motivated to do better.

  7. I think it would keep me on track because if you see your progress you are more apt to stay on track and try to reach the goals you set for yourself

  8. It would be there as a constant reminder to get up and move. It would hold me accountable towards my fitness goals.

  9. Being able to track my activity would help me understand what I need to do more or less of and keep me motivated.

  10. it would be great to help track my activity. I recently lost a fitbit so this would be a great replacement.

  11. The UP24 would take the guessswork out of whether or not I am getting enough exercise and keep me motivated to get more.

  12. This looks so amazing! I have been looking for something like this to motivate me to be healthier and this would be perfect!

  13. I think the UP24 from Jawbone and AT&T would keep me motivated. I love competition and this would be a way for me to challenge myself to meet my goals every day, with no cheating!


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